Seasonal Subscription Boxes Update

Seasonal Subscription Boxes Update

Now that they're enroute to their destination, I can finally brag a little about the Spring 2022 Seasonal Subscription Boxes. They were exceptionally fun to create from all the abundance of flowers and citrus around me. 

Each one was wrapped in a Furkoshiki-inspired, ecoprinted cloth, adorned with various spring flowers. The pink ones are dyed with avocado-pits and printed with various daisies and chrysanthemums; the white background are printed in a Japanese technique called tataki-zomé, with the main botanicals being pansies, nasturtium & wild carrot leaves and Ume (Japanese purple plum) leaves. The twine is dyed with natural indigo.

So what's waiting for you after you unwrap the furoshiki?
A little kit to make your own Hanami-inspired tea party and celebrate the flowers of spring wherever you are!
- Charisma Tea
- Volkamer Lemon Marmalade (organic from my own orchard of course)
- Hanami Neri-koh (smokeless incense that traditionally accompanies Cha-doh, the Japanese tea ceremony). 
- Spring Zodiac Perfume Oil roll-on (Aries, Taurus or Gemini)
- Surprise perfume that is not known to anyone outside of the subscribers - this spring it was my very own rendition of Reseda. One of my favourite spring flowers!
- Mulberry & Silk unscented exfoliating soap 

There are enough goodies to make 5 more subscriptions boxes, so if you order them this week (no later than May 12th) you can still enjoy them this spring. 

Also, now is the time to renew your subscriptions for next year, or sign up for the first time. You may sign up just for the summer box for $149, but but when you sign up for the year ($480) you're actually saving $116. 

I'm super excited to be planning already the next round of seasonal boxes! The theme for the next year of subscription boxes is the four elements. And as before, these will showcase a range of treats for your nose, body and soul including occasional fragrant edibles by yours truly. All lovingly made, by hand, from the outer packaging to the delightful contents.  

Spring Subscription Boxes

Spring Subscription Boxes

We are now taking last orders for the Spring Subscription Boxes, scheduled to go out March 21st, 2022. 

These season's subscription boxes are going to be most cheerful and pretty, wrapped in botanically printed fabrics from spring flowers in Israel. Each box is filled with pampering Spring delights for your home, body, face and soul, including some incredible Spring Flowers enfleurage from my organic garden, wildcrafted incense, soaps, Zodiac perfume oils and a very special new perfume I've created only for the Seasonal Box subscribers. Everything is lovingly prepared by hand by yours truly, to the last detail. It is the most uplifting and cheerful gift you can give or receive! 

In the picture: Hyacinth enfleurage, which will shortly take place again, just as soon as all my grape hyacinths wake up! Hyacinth are a significant symbol in Persian New Year celebration, and I love making this essence every year. It has such a special essence that is both green and wintery, heady and hopeful - just like the first burst of spring, with the bulb flowers' aroma erupting into the air. 
Organic enfleurage products created on location from flowers in Ayala's garden are just some of botanical treasures and surprises you may find in your box. 

Autumn Harvest Seasonal Subscription Box

Autumn Harvest Seasonal Subscription Box

The Autumn Harvest seasonal subscription boxes have gone out September 21st, and I had so much fun creating them I had hard time holding back sharing images of some of the goodies. I waited those who ordered them would receive them, to not ruin the surprise. If you intend to get one for yourself, consider this to be your spoiler alert!   

Part of the fun is that each box is a surprise. To be perfectly frank, it is a surprise for me as well. I can't know exactly what will each season unfold. I have a certain vision for the aesthetics and the concept, and a few core pieces that I know I want to include for each season. The rest of the detail kind of unfolds as I add bits and pieces to customize each parcel, making it unique and reflective of both what's happening in my studio and garden; as well as the recipient of the box.

I knew in advance that the Autumn Harvest boxes will be wrapped in Furoshiki - a  Japanese technique of wrapping presents with a square cloth. This is a sort of a 3D soft origami that folds itself around the object it is meant to protect and conceal. Mine were printed with botanicals that I created over the spring and the summer - a backdrop of yerbamate tea, and sparse botanicals such as Wild Carrot, Dyer's Coreopsis and various leaves. I've sewn each napkin myself, and wrapped it around a cornucopia of botanical treasures.

The core theme of the Autumn Harvest collection is a hand-sewn Dream Pillow. Fall is a time for shifting the focus inwards, becoming more introspective,   gathering-in and sorting (harvests, thoughts), etc. It is a natural opportunity to start looking inwards, with spiritual daily practices such as dreamwork, and meditative, repetitive crafts such as weaving and embroidery.

Dream Pillows are an age-old tradition of medicine women and witches, which are simply a small sachet stuffed with herbs that one would tuck into their pillow. The choice of herbs and fabric is what makes a dream pillow as unique as the person it is supposed to lull to sleep and inspire dreams in. These particular ones I've made are sewn from upcycled cotton fabric I have printed with gorgeous medicinal botanicals such as artemisia and geranium, and filled with mugwort, lavender, catnip and other botanicals that will bring on a restful sleep, with dreams to follow. 

The other obvious candidates for this lineup were the autumnal soaps - Black Licorice (colourful and playful, looks just like something you'd eat on Halloween!), and Pumpkin Soap Bar (made with organic kabocha pumpkin puree, and pumpkin seed oil, which is very nourishing). 

All in all, included in this unusual bundle:
Dream Pillow
Furoshiki Cloth
Black Licorice Soap Bar
Pumpkin Soap Bar {Unscented}
Bone Flower Creme Parfum
Dance of Fire perfume sample
Tree of Life Incense Cone
Prayer Leaf
Bonus Track for the first 3 people who signed up for the box: 3ml Zodiac Parfum Oil from one of the three Autumnal signs - Virgo, Libra, Scorpio




New Service: Seasonal Subscription Boxes

New Service: Seasonal Subscription Boxes

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a perfumer's lab? This is the next best thing! Get a whiff of what's brewing in Ayala Moriel Parfums studio each season, which is not only perfume! I also create incense, soaps and natural cosmetics from the best ingredients on the planet, fragrant teas and even chocolates! 

If you follow my feeds (on Instagram and Facebook), you probably already noticed that I just love plants and love growing, harvesting and handcrafting beautiful things from them. Some are fragrant, such as incense, enfleurage, and hysrosols, but are not exactly feasible to produce in large amounts as they are so precious and time-consuming to extract, and are truly too precious to offer regularly in my selection at the online boutique. At the same time, what's the point of making them if I can't share them with you?

And so I've decided to leverage my various interests and experimentations with anything plant-related, to bring to you one-of-a-kind packaging for these seasonal delights. These are bundles of joy and delight, each a surprise that is carefully curated each season, and although all are made by one pair of hands, I believe they will be just as versatile and surprising as any subscription box you could dream of. 

Therefore, you won't be getting boxes per-se, but rather, packaging that is handmade, beautiful, sustainable and reusable - Furoshiki from up cycled fabrics, locally made botanical Japanese-style paper (a collaboration with a local artisan), and last but not least - eco-printed natural fabrics and baskets that I weave from wild and local plants I harvest and forage around my beautiful studio in Clil, in the Western Galilee of Israel.
The Summer Subscription box is schedule to be ready to travel to you in June, so that you have it in time to celebrate the Summer Solstice. The following seasonal mailouts are planned to coincide with the Autumnal EquinoxWinter Solstice and Vernal Equinox in the spring. 

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