Incense Cones

Originated in Japan in the 19th Century, incense cones are the easiest and most low-maintenance to burn. Our incense cones are hand-shaped, and have a thick enough base to make them stand on their own. That makes them very easily portable and enables them to burn on any heat and fire proof surface, without the need for any special tools or dishes. You can even burn them outdoors on the ground. 

Ayala Moriel makes two types of incense cones: Smudging Incense Cones, which are primarily made from herbs, with focus on a  single element that is  traditionally using fro smudging ceremonies and produces a similar scent for a continuous 10-15 minutes; as well as more sophisticated incense creations, as offered with our incense sticks and Agarbatti, which are simply a different shape, but produce more smoke (as cones are much thicker than sticks). These cones are a perfect solution for when you're traveling, or for beginner incense afficianado, as it does not require any special equipment to burn. 

To use incense cones: Place the cone on its base, so that it stands straight on a heat-proof surface. You may use a designated vessel, or any heat-proof container that you don't mind getting a burn-mark (the cone will leave a circle of the burnt plant matter and some ash ones its been exhausted). A bowl filled with sand or earth, or a coin placed on a ceramic tile or plate will do. 

Light the cone with a match or a lighter, and blow it off to allow the ember to slowly progress down the cone. Enjoy! 

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