Wedding Perfume

Wedding by Noam

Wedding by Noam Dehan

A Custom Scent to Cherish Your Wedding Day Memory 

Mark your special day with an unforgettable scent that is for both of you to enjoy and cherish together. Customized bridal and bridesmaids' packages are also available, as well as scented wedding favours for your guests.

The creation of your Scented Wedding Perfume is a pampering experience, an intimate journey of the two of you through Ayala Moriel’s collection of precious essences.

We will be happy to accommodate your schedule and come to you with our collection of rare essences from around the world. During the session, which is likened to a romantic stroll in a beautiful garden, you will take short sensual breaks to enjoy our unique aromatic treats: our to-die-for, melt-in-your-mouth hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles, perfumed with flower essences; and our sublime Perfumed Organic Teas, hand blended to perfection using top quality organic and wild crafted botanicals.

Once you have both selected the essences that represent your bond of love, we will prepare for you either of the following:

  • Two different perfumes: One for each of you, which you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony when you exchange vows and rings. $2,000.
  • One scent to represent your union: Representing your union as a couple, uniting and harmonizing your similarities and contrasts into one beautiful perfume. $1,000.

  • The wedding packages may include any or all of the following (you can customize it based on your wedding plan):

  • Eau de Parfum spray bottle (included in the package)
  • Pendent with crème perfume (additional $150)
  • Engraved silver box(es) with your wedding perfume(s) (additional $150 per unit)
  • Bridal Bouquets – matching perfumes to each of the bridesmaids, selected from our ready-to-wear collection (additional $48 for a mini bottle for each bridesmaid).
  • Small vials of 1ml each, with your custom fragrance, as wedding tokens for your guests. (price: $18-$23 per unit, depending on particular scent chosen)
  • Other ideas for wedding favours: scented truffles, custom tea blends, soy wax scented tealight, and our new scented chocolate bars!

  • Contact us to customize your wedding favours to make your wedding day unforgettably beautiful!

    You can also contact us for scenting your wedding event with our natural soywax candles, natural scent diffusers and aromatic herbs and fragrant flower arrangements. We also will be happy to consult with your catering team about exceptionally fragrant menu that will tantalize your guest's palate!

    For more information contact ayala@ayalamoriel.com

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