Scent Salon

Experience the power of smell in the serenity of a Scent Salon

A salon is an intimate gathering around a shared theme. Ayala Moriel's Scent Salons are a special place in time where you are invited to connect to your breath and be mindful of the deep connection of spirit, mind, body and collective conciousness.

Engaging all your senses and stimulating your creative energy, our Scent Salons are a platform for establishing awareness and mindfulness and sharing your experience in a nurturing and open-minded environment. The salons nurture bonding experience as you find a deeper connection to yourself and to other through scent and self-expression.

Scent Salons celebrate the sense of smell, and are inspired by the Japanese tradition of Ko-doh ("listening to scent") ceremonies and the Kumikoh (the incense games played by the participants of a koh-do ceremony). These creative, fun and engaging olfactory games incorporate activities such as:

  • Experience the beauty of perfume, incense and rare raw materials from around the world
  • Scent-recognizion games which stimulate and activate your brain's memory power, while also engage the limbic system.
  • Self-expression through spontaneous story-telling and collective poetry writing, and other fun creative endeavours.
  • Share your experiences of scent around each raw material, while learning first-hand about scent cultures from around the world.

  • In short: A true delight for the senses! Need we say more?

    These salons take place regularly at Ayala Moriel Parfums studio every 2nd Sunday of the month (reservation required) or you can also coordinate with us a group (or corporate) booking.

    Contact us at ayala@ayalamoriel.comfor more information.

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