Autumn Harvest Seasonal Subscription Box

Autumn Harvest Seasonal Subscription Box

The Autumn Harvest seasonal subscription boxes have gone out September 21st, and I had so much fun creating them I had hard time holding back sharing images of some of the goodies. I waited those who ordered them would receive them, to not ruin the surprise. If you intend to get one for yourself, consider this to be your spoiler alert!   

Part of the fun is that each box is a surprise. To be perfectly frank, it is a surprise for me as well. I can't know exactly what will each season unfold. I have a certain vision for the aesthetics and the concept, and a few core pieces that I know I want to include for each season. The rest of the detail kind of unfolds as I add bits and pieces to customize each parcel, making it unique and reflective of both what's happening in my studio and garden; as well as the recipient of the box.

I knew in advance that the Autumn Harvest boxes will be wrapped in Furoshiki - a  Japanese technique of wrapping presents with a square cloth. This is a sort of a 3D soft origami that folds itself around the object it is meant to protect and conceal. Mine were printed with botanicals that I created over the spring and the summer - a backdrop of yerbamate tea, and sparse botanicals such as Wild Carrot, Dyer's Coreopsis and various leaves. I've sewn each napkin myself, and wrapped it around a cornucopia of botanical treasures.

The core theme of the Autumn Harvest collection is a hand-sewn Dream Pillow. Fall is a time for shifting the focus inwards, becoming more introspective,   gathering-in and sorting (harvests, thoughts), etc. It is a natural opportunity to start looking inwards, with spiritual daily practices such as dreamwork, and meditative, repetitive crafts such as weaving and embroidery.

Dream Pillows are an age-old tradition of medicine women and witches, which are simply a small sachet stuffed with herbs that one would tuck into their pillow. The choice of herbs and fabric is what makes a dream pillow as unique as the person it is supposed to lull to sleep and inspire dreams in. These particular ones I've made are sewn from upcycled cotton fabric I have printed with gorgeous medicinal botanicals such as artemisia and geranium, and filled with mugwort, lavender, catnip and other botanicals that will bring on a restful sleep, with dreams to follow. 

The other obvious candidates for this lineup were the autumnal soaps - Black Licorice (colourful and playful, looks just like something you'd eat on Halloween!), and Pumpkin Soap Bar (made with organic kabocha pumpkin puree, and pumpkin seed oil, which is very nourishing). 

All in all, included in this unusual bundle:
Dream Pillow
Furoshiki Cloth
Black Licorice Soap Bar
Pumpkin Soap Bar {Unscented}
Bone Flower Creme Parfum
Dance of Fire perfume sample
Tree of Life Incense Cone
Prayer Leaf
Bonus Track for the first 3 people who signed up for the box: 3ml Zodiac Parfum Oil from one of the three Autumnal signs - Virgo, Libra, Scorpio




Kale & Pomegranate

Kale is a relatively newly discovered vegetable for me, and although tough and fibrous to chew on sometimes, it provides nice texture when processed right.

My favourite way of preparing it is actually the easiest, and has become a staple in my fall and winter menues, often replacing fresh leaf salads: rinsing a bunch off with water, cutting them into 2-3 smaller parts, and adding to warm olive oil in a wide sauce pan. Cover immediately with the lid as it will splash hot oil around. Open occasionally to flip some of the leaves around. The bottom will become nice and crispy!
The kale in the picture is Italian kale, and it's actually not my favourite. it's a little softer to eat though, but does not turn quite as crispy as the silvery, curly kale that is more commonly found.
Once the kale is thoroughly steamed (and parts of it will become crispy and just close to burnt) - transfer to a serving bowl, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and garnish with dark red pomegranate seeds which should be in season just around now - October through November (the darker variety is sweet & sour; while the paler ones are sweet and not as flavourful). The pomegranate and balsamic vinegar give a very nice contrast to the earthy kale.
Another favourite garnish is sliced almonds - or you can add both!

What are your favourite kale recipes?
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