Spring Subscription Boxes

Spring Subscription Boxes

We are now taking last orders for the Spring Subscription Boxes, scheduled to go out March 21st, 2022. 

These season's subscription boxes are going to be most cheerful and pretty, wrapped in botanically printed fabrics from spring flowers in Israel. Each box is filled with pampering Spring delights for your home, body, face and soul, including some incredible Spring Flowers enfleurage from my organic garden, wildcrafted incense, soaps, Zodiac perfume oils and a very special new perfume I've created only for the Seasonal Box subscribers. Everything is lovingly prepared by hand by yours truly, to the last detail. It is the most uplifting and cheerful gift you can give or receive! 

In the picture: Hyacinth enfleurage, which will shortly take place again, just as soon as all my grape hyacinths wake up! Hyacinth are a significant symbol in Persian New Year celebration, and I love making this essence every year. It has such a special essence that is both green and wintery, heady and hopeful - just like the first burst of spring, with the bulb flowers' aroma erupting into the air. 
Organic enfleurage products created on location from flowers in Ayala's garden are just some of botanical treasures and surprises you may find in your box. 

Resurrection Incense

Myrrh Resin Enfleurage with Hyacinth Blossoms
When the hyacinths were at their peak, I had enough flowers to make a dry enfleurage of Ethiopian Commiphora myrrha resin. Just as it seemed intuitively appropriate to pair the sunny brightness of frankincense with that of grapefruit blossoms, there was something about the contrast between the cave-like depth and catacomb-like mustiness of myrrh with the energy of a spring bulb flower. It smells like such a strong metaphor for spring's deep spiritual meaning rebirth, that is so strongly apparent in the natural world.

In winter, the bulbs are dormant in the ground. In spring they spring forth with a life force and push through the frozen earth towards the sun. Yet, I had an anterior motive for doing so. I made this very special incense as a spirit medicine for a young mother I know, who lost her baby only a few days after giving birth to her. The immense joy at the end of a difficult labour, the hope and happiness of becoming parents for just a few days all cut off so abruptly inspired me to create this incense medicine, as a reminder that even from the depth of myrrh's deathly grip one can emerge with a renewed life and bloom again like the hyacinth.

Happy Easter!
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