About Us

Ayala Moriel Parfums is an independent artisan perfume house dedicated to the art of natural perfumery. The company was founded in 2001 by master perfumer Ayala Moriel, who creates beautiful and inspiring Botanical Perfumes that are world-renown for their artistry, story-telling and integrity.

Ayala Moriel designs and handcrafts natural perfumes from pure, precious botanical essences that are carefully selected from around the world. I offer bespoke services for individuals and private labels, as well as a line of beautiful and original ready-to-wear perfumes. Through year-around olfactory events at my studio space (workshops, classes, interactive presentations and luxurious multi-sensory tea parties), I invite you to re-connect with your senses, live in the moment, and explore the lost art of natural perfumery and discover the ineffable world of scent. 

Our Vision

To lead with our nose!

We believe that sensory awareness increases mindfulness, nurtures compassion, bonds individuals and connects communities. We inspire the world to take time to smell the roses.

Our Mission

We Make Scents!

Our mission is to bring you joy through the sense of smell – with beautiful, inspiring, sensual and evocative all-natural fragrances.

To learn more about our company, read about our Values and our Nose and founder Ayala Moriel. Also in this section – a brief introduction to Natural Perfumery and Testimonials from our clients and customers.


We Stand For Our Values

Self Expression

We believe that all people should have the means to express themselves through the sensual experience of perfume.

  • Our Signature Perfumes offer individuals a rare opportunity to actively participate in the design process of making their own scents.
  • Our luxurious ready-to-wear products are offered at the most affordable price possible while maintaining the genuine quality of our perfumes

  • Quality

    We are committed to use the highest quality of natural essences we can find to make beautiful perfumes.

  • We handcraft all of our products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.
  • We are committed to stay small and unique, maintaining our sustainability without compromising the quality and style of our perfumes.

  • Education

    We educate our world-wide community about the sense of smell and the art of perfumery. We teach and inform about the unique qualities and benefits of using natural, handcrafted perfumes and its deep connection to human history. We believe that by doing so, people will come to appreciate and enjoy fragrance and break through many of the misconceptions that still pervades our culture in regards to perfumes.

    We do this through:

  • Training courses in Natural Perfumery
  • Curriculum development for different age groups about aromatics, fragrance appreciation and scent crafting
  • Publish articles and blog entries on our website, and contribute to online perfume communities.
  • Empower individuals to create their own sustainable and eco-friendly self care and home care scented products.

  • Sustainability and Fair Trade

  • We support local artists and artisans by collaboration on perfume related projects. We believe that by doing so, we are adding to the richness of our culture and contribute to the prosperity and integrity of our community.
  • We do our best to use products that are sweatshop free. Out bottles are made in France, Italy and the USA, and our packaging and printing is designed and manufactured locally (in Vancovuer, Canada).
  • We do our best to avoid using endangered species in our perfumes. We also source as much organic and ethically wild crafted essences as we can for our perfumes.
  • Practice waste-reduction business strategies, such as reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible - in production as well as in the administrative aspects of the business, i.e.: using refillable bottles, printing business documents on recycled paper, and reusing shipping materials.

  • Community Building

    We support our community by donating from our profit and merchandize to charity causes that we believe in and care about:

  • Helping children and adults suffering from Autism and Language Disorders communicate with the world around them.
  • Peace organizations – particularly educational organizations promoting anti-bias curriculum.

  • Against Animal Cruelty

    We believe that people can smell great without making animals suffer.

  • We do not perform any animal testing
  • We use only animal ingredients that are harvested ethically and without causing pain to animals (for instance: beeswax and honey absolute, beach harvested ambergris, African stone tincture)
  • We do NOT use animal ingredients that involve killing or torturing animals, such as musk, castoreum, whale-harvested ambergris and civet.
  • About Natural Perfumery

    Natural Perfumery is the art and science of creating perfumes using natural essences only. These are essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extractions, concretes, tinctures, infusions and at times also isolates that come from natural sources – not from petroleum. Those essences come from organic life forms such as plants - flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, bark and fruit – and occasionally animal ingredients such as beeswax, honey absolute and beach harvested ambergris tincture.

    Recent market trends, social changes and the increase of availability of natural aromatics have lead to an increasing interest in Natural Perfumery and there is now a growing trend of artisan perfumers re-discovering the lost art and developing new techniques and approaches while using many new materials that were not available for extraction in the past.

    For more information about natural perfumery, visit our FAQ.

    Company's History


  • Treazon perfume has been nominated for the Indie Fifi Awards.
  • Relaunched the perfumed tea collection with 4 flavours: Charisma, Immortelle l'Amour, Roses et Chocolat and Zangvil
  • Created four 3-in-1 soap bars in collaboration with Open Source Soap: Film Noir, ArbitRary and Bon Zai. The soaps can be used for bathing, shampooing and shaving, and are extremely moisturizing too!
  • Created Blackbeard Oil and Orcas beard oil

  • 2012

  • Orcas fragrance has been nominated for the Indie Fifi Awards.
  • Launched Orcas and Bon Zai candles packaged in custom handmade ceramic vessels by Vancouver artist Grace Lee of eikcam designs
  • Created Etrog Oy de Cologne to much acclaim in the Jewish communities around the world

  • 2011

  • Together with CocoaNymph, we've created the 4th fragrant chocolate bar, White Potion (white chocolate with tuberose, coconut and almond).
  • Created a new and innovative tea to coincide with the launch of Zangvil perfume: Zangvil perfumed tea, made of silver needle infused with jasmine, crystalized ginger and vanilla bean.

  • 2010

  • Launched a line of natural body products, including body oils, sugar scrubs and bath salts
  • Collaborated with Vancouver chocolatiere CocoaNymph to create 3 fragrant chocolate bars: Guilt, Espionage and Roses et Chocolat.

  • 2008

  • Collaborated with Nikki Sherritt to create first scented candle ArbitRary for the summer, followed by Bois d'Hiver, White Potion and Roses et Chocolat for the winter holidays.

  • 2007

  • Ayala Moriel Parfums studio at Downtown Vancouver has opened to the public, providing on-site fragrance consultations and olfactory and culinary workshops.
  • The studio at the heart of downtown Vancouver is a peaceful space that offers a fragrant get away and allows guests to pause and reconnect with their sense of smell as a way to enhance their lifestyle and well-being. The studio is open by appointment only during the week, and also hosts Sunday afternoon tea parties that celebrate scent and sensuality.


    The company has undergone a name change and was re-named Ayala Moriel Parfums to reflect the personal relationship between the perfumer and the customer, which is the core philosophy of our independant perfume house. Custom perfumes and personalized consultations are the heart of our perfume house, and the line of nearly 50 distinguished fragrances provides an affordable alternative to custom scents.


    Quinta Essentia's website made it possible for people around the world to enjoy original, handcrafted natural perfumes.


    Quinta Essentia Signature Perfumes was founded, offering fragrance consultations and all-natural ready to wear and bespoke perfumes.


    Ayala Moriel studied the art of incense making and created incense and perfume for meditation and pleasure.

    About the Founder

    Ayala Moriel, the Nose and the founder of Ayala Moriel Parfums creates perfumes that are inspired by her deepest emotions and memories from her childhood landscapes of the Mediterranean. Ayala’s art as a Perfumer stems from her love and longing for the Mediterranean natural and cultural landscape, and is strongly rooted in those aromatic traditions.

    Her work is influenced by her eclectic background in fine art, music, philosophy, psychology and education which she incorporates into the art form of Perfumery. Combined with an intuitive understanding of each individual’s need for self expression through personalized fragrance, Ayala creates customized Signature Perfumes as well as ready-to-wear perfumes.

    Born in Montreal and raised in Clil, a small organic village in the Western Galilee (Israel), Ayala learned to appreciate the precious natural aromatics of the world; aromatics such as labdanum, mastic, broom, hyssop and sage grew wild on the hills, and many other aromatic plants were cultivated for medicinal use. Ms. Moriel currently resides in Vancouver, where she founded Ayala Moriel Parfums - formerly known as Quinta Essentia Signature Perfumes.

    Client Testimonials

    Here is what our customers have to say about our perfumes and services:

    "Ayala's fragrances have the most interesting evolutionary course of any contemporary creations I've tried. For me, the standouts in this line are Indigo and Fete d'Hiver - both are strikingly original and beautiful".

    - Carrie Voyles, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    "I found these perfumes very modern, sort of cleanness, no chemical smell, very natural. Yet not at all simple. The smell in the vial, the top notes, the gradual evolution of the scents - all very complex and interesting. Very warm and skin friendly. Best of all, my allergic friend said they didn't bother her".

    - Hilda Rose Michel, Hamilton, ON

    "After sampling several of Ayala's perfumes, perhaps the best compliment would be that it is almost impossible to narrow down my choices! Each fragrance stands alone as a lovely composition. I particularly love the mossy walk-in-the-forest experience of Rainforest--and I love the softness of Lovender..."

    - Sharon Shaw, Miami, Florida

    "It's amazing how you can teach so much about yourself through the scents you like- sassy, fresh, pretty, earthy. I now have two perfumes that sum up who I am and people love them as much as I do!"

    - Colleen Gillis, Vancouver

    "Ayala's perfumes have the best sharp citrus-y notes of any oils I've ever smelled--really hits you right off the bat without needing any time to turn into a nice smell if you know what I mean, and Tamya lasts on me with a subtle herbaceous-type drydown. I've compared Ayala's perfumes to Aveda oils but Ayala's perfumes are by far superior in composition to me, and Tamya just "does it" for me; it's every bit the trendy fruity floral-citrus that I enjoy in other better-known prestige lines, only the sweetness is not that artificial marine-y smell but a mellow, just-bit-into-that-fruit juicy smell. Ayala. I hope you continue making Tamya because I intend to keep it in my collection for a long time!

    I should also add that for the price of the oil perfume, Ayala sends these perfumes in the most exquisite handmade presentations(...). When I saw this presentation, it warmed my heart to know that the whole thing was actually created by hand by a true living artist.”

    - Sali Oguri, Singer and Musician, Bronx, NY

    "The surprise of my life and an unexpected pleasure was the perfume custom made especially for me by the gifted Ayala of Quinta Essentia, along with a piece of jewelry – a locket for solid fragrance. When I dress up for special occasion it adds an element that was missing".

    - Ruth, Tel Aviv

    “Ayala managed very skillfully to use the information from the interview and produced four sample perfumes for me to choose from. I closed my eyes and let the smell from each of them surround me, trying to find the associations in my mind that this specific smell entails. One of them struck me as being exceptionally familiar. The first feeling when I smelled it was a comfortable homely feeling, like the feeling of wearing a long lost dress that you love. I lingered on this perfume, trying it on several places and occasions. The special thing about it was the feeling as if the smell managed to enclose inside it everything that is me. I realized that it smelt differently according to the specific day I wore it, my mood and emotions that day. I also found that it raised my spirits a lot, and whenever I needed a little cheering up, some sort of "centering" back to my self, I just had to close my eyes and smell. The other very useful quality about it was that it lasted for the whole day, much longer than any other perfume I had, and so I could enjoy it much more. Obviously I received many compliments from people around me about the perfume, and people started to say that they recognize my presence by this sweet smell of Jasmine and Citrus flowers. I found that extremely flattering of course.”

    - Yasmin, London

    Ayala's fragrances are truly aromatherapeutic. Because they are oil-based (soothing soft jojoba oil) there is barely any sillage to speak of. These are snugglers: you will snuggle into yourself, or draw your nearest and dearest to you into a small magical area where all is well, as it should be.

    - Paula Stratton, Atlanta, GA

    Many of these scents feel like watercolors to me, or Mozart for my nose. Some feel like the watercolor pencils from Germany, that you use a brush with afterward in order to release the delicate quality you desire.

    - Ida Mesiter, Boston, MA

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