Incense Sticks

At Ayala Moriel we produce two traditional incense sticks: Masala or Dhoop Sticks (which are coreless), and Agarbatti (Incense Sticks with Bamboo Core). 
The core gives the incense stick durability during transport, and also a very accessible way to hold it upright wherever it may be required. Because of its unique aromatic makeup, Agarbatti tends to have a thick and lingering smoke, and also is slow to burn. You may even find that you'd like to put it out before it gets consumed on its own. 

For those who prefer the purest incense (without any hint of the bamboo core), and have the appropriate ware, we recommend the cordless sticks. These are the most sophisticated incense blends are offered in this format. This incense shape requires a special vessel with the correct size hole to hold the stick in place, as well as receive its ashes. The most refined way to enjoy this type of incense, to the very last bit (which usually gets stuck and unburnt if placing it upright in a hole), is placing it horizontally inside a designated kodoh cup or in a bowl filled with fine ash. This ensure the stick burns in its entirety.

Another thing to keep in mind for this sticks, is that they break more easily. This is an advantage of course when wanting to portion them out and make them fit horizontally into any ash vessel. Another neat thing about incense sticks, is that they may be used for measuring time. They were used in such manners for many purposes, from telling time in general, with sophisticated incense that would change scent at certain time intervals. A practice we still use today is to frame a meditation practice with a certain scent that lasts a certain amount of time (most incense sticks burn from 20-60min) . What makes them perfect for meditation, is that they can be left alone to burn, being "low maintenance" during burning time; and also once the scent is over, one knows it's time to bring the meditation to a close. 

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