Kyphi (Ancient Egyptian Incense)

Considered the first perfume created by mankind, kyphi is an ancient incense, medicine and perfume made from sixteen distinctive aromatics combined together in an elaborate process that produces a rich, luxurious and thick smoke. It was burnt in Egyptian temples in the evenings, as a preparation for the dreamwork, and when was also ingested as medicine administered by the priests. It also had more mundane use in homes as a personal fragrance, and to burn in the evening to banish the worries of the day before going to sleep. 

Ayala Moriel kyphi offerings range from traditional kyphi to modern interoperation using local botanicals or aromatics from other traditions, using the same technique, and each material is hand-pounded in a stone mortar and pestle. The results are singular, as no two kyphi batches are ever identical even when the exact same recipe is used and carefully followed. Each kyphi represents a moment of inspiration in time, when it was prepared with much love and attention to each plant and each step in the process. 

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