Students who have successfully completed the 2 year Foundation of Natural Perfumery program can apply to continue refining their skills and develop their professional goals in our 1 year internship program at the studio. 

80 mandatory hours at Ayala Moriel Parfums studio, to be completed within the 12 months defined above. Booking is flexible, but must take into considerations the studio's schedule and seasonal patterns, other student's schedules, etc.  

The internship program is comprised of two parts - volunteer work at the studio, and individual project.

Course Information

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work at the studio includes (but is not limited to) the following experiences:

  • Minimum of one weekend at Portobello West or other similar market 
  • Assisting during studio events 
  • Assisting during at least one day of classes for newer students
  • Online customer service 
  • Filling & shipping online orders
  • Analyzing minimum online fragrance consultations and make recommendations for perfumes
  • Presentation in class for newer students on a perfume-related topic of your interest that they can benefit from
  • Replenishing batches from a given formula
  • Packaging, labeling,  boxing, etc.
  • Inventory control

  • Individual Project

    During the internship, each student will have an individual project that must be completed by the end of that year. 

    This is quite open, but the idea is to have a more in-depth, long-term perfume project that will really help the interns excel and refine their skill, and define their personal style. During this year, the intern can pick what the themes would be for this final project. It can be anything from putting together a perfume event or art show, getting ready for launching their own perfume line, making perfumes from unusual sub-fragrance families, creating replicas for classic perfumes, or creating their own line of scented body products.

    Of course, these are just several ideas for projects. The sky is the limit, but it should be kept realistic so that it will be doable to complete it successfully within this one year.  


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