Perfume Parties

Perfume is a time-capsule in a bottle.

Create your very own scent to commemorate a life-changing event with your loved ones in a perfume-making party!

Scent has the power of creating lasting memories, as well as reflect who we are. Allowing a new perfume into your life to mark new beginnings creates a time capsule in a bottle. A memory you could come back to, relive and rekindle.

Life events such as weddings, parenthood, coming of age are so important they command a special scent, and we will help you create them in our uniquely tailored perfume parties.

Perfume Parties are a creative yet intimate gathering of friends and family to design a fragrance together. We'll help you celebrate landmarks and life-changing events with creating a custom perfume that will make the event memorable and create an even deeper connection and stronger bond with your friends and family.

To book your perfume party or to receive more information contact ayala@ayalamoriel.com.

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