Tamya Parfum - Blogala Special!

This is a reminder that Tamya parfum is now on sale for only $75, and that of each sale, $10 will be donated to Autism Community Training, a charitable society owned by parents of children with Autism, that provides autism training, education and workshops in British Columbia.

By buying Tamya perfume not only will you scent yourself with one of Ayala Moriel’s finest and most sought-after perfumes; you will also will contribute to a worthy cause!

Tamya is a mélange of pure jasmine sambac, frangipani, Japanese citron, ylang ylang, cedar and musk. It conjures up memories of the first Autumn crocuses and wild Mediterranean bluebells awakening by the first showers. The earth is covered by sprouting wild grass and the sunrays of sunset glow through the petals as they kiss the earth goodbye...

And don't forget to leave your comments on SmellyBlog's autism posts this weekend. For each post, I will be donating $1 to ACT.

Thank you for reading SmellyBlog! After Afgter 8 months of existence, we know that SmellyBlog is blessed with at least 100 unique readers per day!
All you need is to say hi. I know you are there... Don't hide!

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New Perfume: Kinmokusei

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Ayala Moriel is pleased to announce the launch of our new perfume – Kinmokusei.

Kinmokusei is the new member of Ayala Moriel’s soliflore collection – perfumes that are celebrating the unique essences of flowers from around the world.

Osmanthus is a unique Asian flower, with a smooth and rich scent of green tea, apricot and suede leather. It is used to scent green tea as well as special confections and Chinese baked goods. The peak of the osmanthus flowers season is now, end of September until mid October, when the days start to become short, and rainstorms fight to take over the last sunny days. The osamnthus flowers falls to the wet ground and release their dusky aroma which fills the moist, air.

Kinmokusei is an unusual osmanthus soliflore is unusually dark and rich, and is as soft as suede. It opens sparkling with apricot, peach, wild orange and raspberry undertones; rejuvenates like cool green tea, yet unmistakably smooth and floral. The base is surprising – musky and woody, with underlining leathery note of cured tobacco leaves. Kinmokusei is the Japanese name for osmanthus, and also is pronounced like the name of an Anime planet.

Top notes: Green Pepper, Wild Orange, Coriander
Heart notes: Osmanthus, Linden Blossom, Green Tea, Jasmine Sambac
Base notes: Tobacco Leaf, Hay Absolute, Ambrette, Sandalwood Vanuatu

Kinmokusei is available from AyalaMoriel.com in:
8ml Pure Parfum $90
8ml Pure Parfum + 15ml Refill $180
1ml Sample $5

News from the Nose: October 2006 Newsletter

Dear SmellyBlog Readers,

For those of you who do not receive Ayala Moriel's Newsletter "News from The Nose" - I am posting the essence of the newsletter here online, so you don't miss on any special offers at Ayala Moriel Parfums. This month I am also holding a really cool contest to get the word out about my small perfume house to other perufme lovers around the world:


Tell Others About Our Perfumes - and WIN A PERFUME!!!

If you are a member of Basenotes or Make Up Alley online forums, you can add your reviews to the existing listings of Ayala Moriel Parfums. Submit your review and your name will be entered into a draw to win one of these three prizes:

1. 8ml Kinmokusei parfum

2. Perfumed Pendant in Palas Atena

3. Mini Wardrobe with 4 mini bottles of our newest scents: Kinmokusei, Razala, Les Nuages de Joie Jaune and Zohar

Simply write what you think about our fragrances and rate them according to the rating system on these websites:

Basenotes: http://www.basenotes.net/house/102178

- Click on the perfumes you would like to review and enter your review in the text box provided.

Make Up Alley: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/review.asp#A

Go to:

1. Write a review

2. Select "Unlisted Brand" from the drop down menu of brands

3. Select "Fragrance Category" from the drop down menu of "Item's Category"

4. Click on the letter "A" to view the list of brands that start with "A"

5. Select the perfume you would like to review from Ayala Moriel


1. Select "Find a Review" and search for "Ayala" or "Ayala Moriel" or the perufme you would like to review


2. Click on this link

3. Select from the list the perfume you would like to review

4. Click on "Share your views! Write your own review!"

5. Enter your reviews and ratings and tell the world honestly what you think about our line.

Draw date: October 29th

The lucky winners will be contacted through their forum profiles and will be announced on www.SmellyBlog.com

SmellyBlog’s Blogala:

October is Autism Awareness Month. Visit SmellyBlog for more information about this month’s Blogala – a fund raising project for autism organizations around the world. Ayala Moriel Parfums and SmellyBlog will be donating to the Autism Community Training Society of British Columbia www.actbc.ca (ACT-BC).

This October, Ayala Moriel Parfums will be donating $10 on each sale of Tamya parfum to ACT-BC, to celebrate her daughter’s 10th birthday this month.

Tamya parfum is an exquisite concoction of Jasmine Sambac, Yuzu (Japanese citron), Musk and Atlas Cedarwood. An irresistible fruity-floral that have won the hearts of many. We hope that you will help us to raise awareness to Autism by participating in the Blogala!


Black Licorice is a must-have for every licorice lover!

A dark and mysterious gourmand with the elusive notes of star anise, aniseed and fennel, sweetened with Tarragon absolute, vanilla and honey.

Black Licorice, our Halloween’s limited edition parfum, will be on special price this October - $75 for each candy-filled 8ml French Flacon (regular price is $90). Black Licorice can be also made into a solid parfum, sold in our Perfumed Pendants. Order a Black Licorice Pendant in October and you will receive $25 off the regular price! ($125 instead of the regular price of $150).

Pumpkin Harvest, originally uploaded by Erik Wallin.

NEW PRODUCTS - Fragrance Wardrobes and Parfum Refills


You can now have a collection of 3 or more exquisite and scrumptious perfumes from Ayala Moriel to suit all moods and occasions!
Ayala Sender, Natural Perfumer and Fragrance Consultant, will help you design your own, personal Perfume Wardrobe! Choose a collection of three or more fragrances that are totally you, and receive a 45% discount on your Perfume Wardrobe.

Now available - parfum extrait refills for your flacon!
These 15ml refill bottles can accompany your next purchase to ensure you won't run out of your favourite scent. These are attractively priced at only $180 for a package of one 8ml Parfum Extrait flacon and one 15ml refill bottle.

Below are some items that are still on liquidation. Please take a look and pass on to your fragrant friends!

Wishing you a warm and fragrant harvest season,

Ayala Sender



Don't miss on this rare opportunity to stock up on your favourite perfumes!

Don't miss this opportunity to buy larger amount of your favourite scent at a significantly discounted price! This packaging is being discontinued, as it was replaced by 8ml French Flacon with ground glass stopper. All of our perfumes are now sold only in pure parfum or parfum oil concentrations, for $100 a piece regular price.

All bottles are hand painted with our signature Fairy and the Drop logo, and the name of the perfume.

To order: email Ayala@AyalaMoriel.com

The following scents are available (a link to their description on www.AyalaMoriel.com is provided for each scent):


Solid parfums in a silver compact. This form is being discontinued (we will only be carrying the Perfumed Pendants from now on). They look exactly like the pendants, only with no chain (and no loop to hold a chain). They are perfect to slip in your purse when traveling (and will most likely will not alarm any airport official either ;)

We now have only ONE of these left,
filled with a Crème Parfum of WHITE POTION


Roll-on 1/3oz (10ml) Parfum oil (Jojoba oil base) - Now on sale for only $65 USD (Regular price $130 USD)

Aries - Spicy and musky with tobacco, zantoxylum and lime.

Taurus - Oriental rose deepened with patchouli and vanilla and a sprinkled with a hint of palmarosa and tangerine.

Gemini - Citrus Chypre, with lemongrass, oakmoss and agarwood

Cancer - Deeply sensual amber with luxurious jasmine and mysterious notes of camphor and anise.

Leo - Incensey and bright, with olibanum, Roman chamomile, cinnamon, rose and vanilla.

Virgo - Ethereal yet earthy with unusual combination of notes that are both fresh and intriguing: yuzu, clementine, magnolia, mastic, cardamom, fennel, myrrh and sandalwood.

Libra - Soft floriental with tuberose, tonka bean rose and sandalwood and a hint of green galbanum and clementine.

Scorpio - Leathery and naughty with lotus, tuberose, smoked benzoin, jasmine, tonka, zantoxylum, opoponax and black and pink peppercorns.

Sagittarius - Exotic, warm foresty and spicy with fir absolute, black tea, champaca, carnation and star anise.

Capricorn - Woody and floral with magnolia, rose, neroli, myrrh and vetiver.

Aquarius - Fougere floral with Linden blossom, green cognac, lavender, rosewood, Budha wood, blue cypress and myrrh.

Pisces - Ambery Chypre with seaweed, oakmoss, sage, juniper, grapefruit and bergamot

1/8 oz ROLL-ON PARFUM OILS - $30

Roll-on 1/8oz (3.75ml) Parfum oil (Jojoba oil base) - Now on sale for only $30 USD (Regular price $43 USD)

Palas Atena


Now on sale for only $55 USD (regular price: $85 USD):

Comes with your choice of a spray pump or a cap.

Magnolia Petal (Hand painted with a pretty pink flower motif)

ArbitRary - SOLD OUT!

Rainforest - SOLD OUT!

Altruism - SOLD OUT!

Epice Sauvage - SOLD OUT!

Lovender - SOLD OUT!


2oz (60ml) EDP SPRAY - ON SALE for $75! (Regular price $135)

Comes with your choice of a spray pump or a cap.

ArbitRary - SOLD OUT


- This is the old formulation of Coeli, with the following notes:
Top notes: Spearmint, Lemon, Bergamot, Coriander
Heart notes: Rose Otto, Litsea Cubeba, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena
Base notes: Olibanum (Frankincense), Sandalwood, Benzoin

Fetish - SOLD OUT


Rosebud - SOLD OUT


To order: email Ayala

Updated July 21st 2007

In anticipation for the upcoming launch of my new website, a major clean-up is in place. And that means a huge sale - for all the perfumes that will be discontinued and will NOT appear on the new website. If you happened to be in love with any of those fragrances, you can always contact me to special order them. But they will not appear on the new website launching next week.

The following Parfum Extraits are presented in our signature flacon (frosted teardrop shape), and are offered at only $75 (instead of $100).

Moon Breath in alcohol base (limited edition, only 3 bottles left!) - Moon Breath in its oil base will remain the same price (and will be offered in the new website as well).

Petit Parfum, our perfume for children, also to be discontinued and removed from the new website, will be available for $65 for the parfum oil roll on bottle (10ml).

These are all offered at 50% off the regular price:
All are parfum oils in 10ml roll-on bottles, hand painted with the Zodiac symbol. Originally priced at $13o, they can now be had for only $65. You will be refunded for the balance immediately after placing your order.

Some of the perfumes, even though I love them dearly and think they are great, have been in so little demand that I simply cannot keep them on the shelves (physical or virtual - especially considering all the data entry required for putting them up online in the new website).
Some of these perfumes mean a lot to me as they signify an important stage in my creative and technical development as a perfumer. For instance - Ayala, which is the first perfume I've ever created, and Petit Parfum, my perfume for children that my daguhter used to fall asleep to every night in her toddler and preschooler yers... Besides me there are very few who liked them enough to buy them... So I am going to give them a rest, and move on. The future looks bright and I must look forward and leave some of these nostalgic moments behind. At least in terms of production and sales. However, don't fret and order them if they intrigue you. I will be more than happy to re-produce them upon demand.

The discontinued perfumes include the following fragrances:
Petit Parfum
And the entire Zodiac collection.
The formulas, obviously, are kept on-file, and can be always produced upon request.
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