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Tamya Parfum - Blogala Special!

This is a reminder that Tamya parfum is now on sale for only $75, and that of each sale, $10 will be donated to Autism Community Training, a charitable society owned by parents of children with Autism, that provides autism training, education and workshops in British Columbia.

By buying Tamya perfume not only will you scent yourself with one of Ayala Moriel’s finest and most sought-after perfumes; you will also will contribute to a worthy cause!

Tamya is a mélange of pure jasmine sambac, frangipani, Japanese citron, ylang ylang, cedar and musk. It conjures up memories of the first Autumn crocuses and wild Mediterranean bluebells awakening by the first showers. The earth is covered by sprouting wild grass and the sunrays of sunset glow through the petals as they kiss the earth goodbye...

And don't forget to leave your comments on SmellyBlog's autism posts this weekend. For each post, I will be donating $1 to ACT.

Thank you for reading SmellyBlog! After Afgter 8 months of existence, we know that SmellyBlog is blessed with at least 100 unique readers per day!
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Image credit: Sitvanit Hayore, Originally uploaded by Holy Land Essence

  • AutismBlogalaDiscount PerfumesFundraisingPerfume AdviceSalesTamya
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