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News from the Nose: October 2006 Newsletter

Dear SmellyBlog Readers,

For those of you who do not receive Ayala Moriel's Newsletter "News from The Nose" - I am posting the essence of the newsletter here online, so you don't miss on any special offers at Ayala Moriel Parfums. This month I am also holding a really cool contest to get the word out about my small perfume house to other perufme lovers around the world:


Tell Others About Our Perfumes - and WIN A PERFUME!!!

If you are a member of Basenotes or Make Up Alley online forums, you can add your reviews to the existing listings of Ayala Moriel Parfums. Submit your review and your name will be entered into a draw to win one of these three prizes:

1. 8ml Kinmokusei parfum

2. Perfumed Pendant in Palas Atena

3. Mini Wardrobe with 4 mini bottles of our newest scents: Kinmokusei, Razala, Les Nuages de Joie Jaune and Zohar

Simply write what you think about our fragrances and rate them according to the rating system on these websites:

Basenotes: http://www.basenotes.net/house/102178

- Click on the perfumes you would like to review and enter your review in the text box provided.

Make Up Alley: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/review.asp#A

Go to:

1. Write a review

2. Select "Unlisted Brand" from the drop down menu of brands

3. Select "Fragrance Category" from the drop down menu of "Item's Category"

4. Click on the letter "A" to view the list of brands that start with "A"

5. Select the perfume you would like to review from Ayala Moriel


1. Select "Find a Review" and search for "Ayala" or "Ayala Moriel" or the perufme you would like to review


2. Click on this link

3. Select from the list the perfume you would like to review

4. Click on "Share your views! Write your own review!"

5. Enter your reviews and ratings and tell the world honestly what you think about our line.

Draw date: October 29th

The lucky winners will be contacted through their forum profiles and will be announced on www.SmellyBlog.com

SmellyBlog’s Blogala:

October is Autism Awareness Month. Visit SmellyBlog for more information about this month’s Blogala – a fund raising project for autism organizations around the world. Ayala Moriel Parfums and SmellyBlog will be donating to the Autism Community Training Society of British Columbia www.actbc.ca (ACT-BC).

This October, Ayala Moriel Parfums will be donating $10 on each sale of Tamya parfum to ACT-BC, to celebrate her daughter’s 10th birthday this month.

Tamya parfum is an exquisite concoction of Jasmine Sambac, Yuzu (Japanese citron), Musk and Atlas Cedarwood. An irresistible fruity-floral that have won the hearts of many. We hope that you will help us to raise awareness to Autism by participating in the Blogala!


Black Licorice is a must-have for every licorice lover!

A dark and mysterious gourmand with the elusive notes of star anise, aniseed and fennel, sweetened with Tarragon absolute, vanilla and honey.

Black Licorice, our Halloween’s limited edition parfum, will be on special price this October - $75 for each candy-filled 8ml French Flacon (regular price is $90). Black Licorice can be also made into a solid parfum, sold in our Perfumed Pendants. Order a Black Licorice Pendant in October and you will receive $25 off the regular price! ($125 instead of the regular price of $150).

Pumpkin Harvest, originally uploaded by Erik Wallin.

NEW PRODUCTS - Fragrance Wardrobes and Parfum Refills


You can now have a collection of 3 or more exquisite and scrumptious perfumes from Ayala Moriel to suit all moods and occasions!
Ayala Sender, Natural Perfumer and Fragrance Consultant, will help you design your own, personal Perfume Wardrobe! Choose a collection of three or more fragrances that are totally you, and receive a 45% discount on your Perfume Wardrobe.

Now available - parfum extrait refills for your flacon!
These 15ml refill bottles can accompany your next purchase to ensure you won't run out of your favourite scent. These are attractively priced at only $180 for a package of one 8ml Parfum Extrait flacon and one 15ml refill bottle.

Below are some items that are still on liquidation. Please take a look and pass on to your fragrant friends!

Wishing you a warm and fragrant harvest season,

Ayala Sender

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