Basenotes High Fibre Giveaway Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Basenotes member Tourbillion, who won the mini-coffret set of 8 scents mentioned in Walker Minton's article High Fibre Fragrances (or How I Discovered Natural Perfume).
Tourbillion won a coffret with the 8 scents mentioned in the article ($360 value):
Vetiver Racinettes
Bon Zai
Épice Sauvage

Winners Announcement of 2 Contests!

Hermes Scent Guessing Contest:
The scent my brother picked was Vetiver Tonka!
Although no one guessed the scent correctly, Isa is the winner of the Jo Malone Grapferuit Cologne mini on this contest. Please contact me with your mailing addy for details. You will also get a bonus prize of 2 Hermessence samples :-)

Hybrid Mom Contest:
The winner of the Hybrid Mom contest is Margihealing.
Congratulations! You get to pick which scent from my collection you'd like for your mini-bottle prize.

Win-Win Situation x6

Well well, dear readers, I lied.
There is no draw for any samples of my In A Station of the Metro 1st mod.


Instead, all the readers who commented (except for Heather, who already got one of course) are the winners of a sample vial. We only have 1 little problem - I only have 5 vials; so I will be decanting just a little bit of each one of them to create a 6th one. They will be only ever so slightly less than 1ml, and I am sure you will be able to derive much pleasure from your slightly reduced jus.

So, please contact me, all 6 of you, with a mailing address. In case you don't know who you are, here's the official list of winners:
oh, true apothecary

I thank you again for commenting, and hope you enjoy my little perfumed poem!
And one last thank you to Heather for initiating this fascinating project and inviting me into her beautiful poetic world.

August Special: Order Online & Win!

During the month of August, all customers placing online orders will be entered into a draw to win one of the following cool prizes:
1) A copy of the new DVD of the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, with the extra feature documentary on the making of the film.
2) 1 oz Eau de Parfum hand-painted spray bottle (the winner will get to choose which scent to pick: Epice Sauvage, Lovender, Magnolia Petal, ArbitRary or Rainforest
3) Poison Ring filled with a creme parfum of your choice (this is a vintage Mexican silver ring with an onyx stone, size is adjustable). See image below.

Readers who left comments on SmellyBlog during August will also be entered into the DVD draw.

Winners will be announced August 30th.

Black Onyx Poison Ring, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel

Word of Mouth: Refer a Friend and Enter the Contest

whisper, originally uploaded by _Neverletmego_.

After 7 years of natural perfume design, my studio has finally opened to the public a couple of months ago. It is still a bit hidden from the public eye, and so I’m asking your help in letting people on to this little fragrant secret… If you know other perfume lovers, who you think will appreciate my range of natural perfumes, or are looking for their own signature perfume made – by all means tell them about Ayala Moriel Parfums!

Besides having more great-smelling people around you, you will be entered to the contest and win one of these two uber-fabulous scented prizes:
1) A collection of 4 miniatures of my most summery fragrances - Fetish, ArbitRary, Coeli and Sabotage

3) Rainforest 30ml EDP spray (in a hand painted bottle)

To enter the draw, simply ask your friend(s) to mention your name and email address when they order from us or contact us for a consultation.

Contest winners will be announced July 31st.
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