Rose Petal Beads

Rose Petals
Here's a glimpse into a five day process of making fragrant rose petal beads (perfect for rosary or any kind of prayer/meditation jewellery). This a time-consuming process that requires daily attention, but it's very satisfying to create something from garden to the finished product.

Rose Petal Beads, Day 1
Here the rose petals are beginning to cook with some water and a binding gum. I am not disclosing which kind because I followed a recipe with gum arabic and I was not happy with the results to added another gum at the end. In other words: this is a work in progress and I'm not sure which gum really is the best. When I know something, I'm happy to share it (most of the time). When I'm not sure I would rather not mislead you.

Rose Petal Beads, Day 3
Day 3 or so of rose petal cooking...

Rose Petal Beads, Day 4
More stewing on day 4. The rose petals are not broken down yet so I've decided to grind them in a food processor.

Rose Petal Beads, Day 4
Now it's a nice paste! But still not gooey enough.

Rose Petal Beads, Day 4
Trying to make a bead (and it wasn't formed well enough, which is why I added more gum on the last day).
Rose Petal Beads, Day 5
Day five, time for more cooking and finally the fun part: Forming the beads!

Rose Petal Beads, Day 5
Piercing the rose beads, one a time. Nails that I stick into a  scrap of foam (styrofoam would probably be a better choice but I didn't have anything handy).

Rose Petal Beads, Day 5
The rose petal beads were left to dry on the nails for about a week (depending on the humidity levels, this can take less time). Make sure to twist them a bit on the nail so they don't completely stick to i.

Rose Petal Beads, Off the Nails
Coming off the nails...
Rose Petal Beads, Off the Nails
And... voila! Now I just need to decide which kind of jewellery I want to make out of them.

Scentable Rings by Dancing Leaf Design

Noriko of Dancing Leaf Design has created 3 magical snowflake-inspired bouquet rings (see picture above) to go with my last 3 flacons of my favourite winter parfums: Fête d'Hiver, Hinoki and Sandal Tree. These are scentable rings - you can apply scent to the scent-absorbent beads within them, and enjoy your bouquet ring with more than one sense!

These rings + perfumes gift sets will be available exclusively at our holiday soiree December 15th.

We are also hoping to have more beautiful vintage Mexican poison rings from Taxco, including some very rare and stunning designs. They're still enroute but should be here any day now. I promise to let you know (and take photos!) as soon as they arrive.

Clearance Items and Poison Rings

Here are links to various sections on my Etsy shop, including items on clearance for VERY reduced prices!

Clearance Zone
- Here's where you can find the remaining stock of Zodiac Perfumes, as well as other reduced items for 50% off or more (i.e.: Roses et Chocolat, Tirzah)

Poison Rings
- All of my poison rings are displayed here, and there will be more to come!
Check this section regularly to see what designs, colours and sizes are in stock. There are some rare ethnic and vintage rings, as well as brand new rings of contemporary designs. If you are looking for a specific size I'll always be happy to keep an eye out for you and try to find what you are looking for.

My organic, perfumed teas are offered here at a significant discount - $20 instead of $30. These are very high quality teas and are all organic, wild harvested and hand crafted here in Vancouver, BC. If you calculate the price per cup (less than $1.00) you'll understand how great of a deal it is! You won't find that kind of quality in typical tea shops, even though their price for a cup is much higher ;)
These precious teas are flavoured and perfumed with the real plants - no artificial essences (or any essences, for that matter). For example: the Tirzah tea is perfumed with real osmanthus blossoms and linden flowers; Immortelle l'Amour is infused with real vanilla beans (you'll find the vanilla specs at the bottom of your cup!); and Gaucho is perfumed with damiana leaf and clover flowers.

Perfumed Pendants
Choose from the 5 different stones adorning this original teardrop shaped pendant. The innovative design allows you to enjoy the scent simply by wearing it on your neck: the heat of your body will release the scent gently. Using the perfume is simple and elegant: simply remove the plate (no need to take off the pendant for that), apply the perfume to wrists and pulse points, and return to the pendant. There isn't a better way to carry your perfume while traveling and enjoy it even in the most crowded places while disturbing no one (which cannot be said for spray perfumes...).

Solid Perfumes
For the solid perfume lover, here are larger quantities than offered in the perfumed jewelry. Choose from our ever-growing collection of vintage pillboxes and compacts. These solid perfumes won't spill and are excellent for traveling and for applying in perfume-phobic places such as buses, airplanes and corporate offices.

If you do buy from my Etsy shop, you will receive a free sample of my new soliflore perfume Gigi.
Also - don't forget to leave a feedback!

Please pass this along to all your craft-hounding friends and fellow perfume lovers.

Many thanks,


Announcements du Jour

A few important announcements for today:


Please scroll below to view the photos of each and read some more additional information and recommendation for each pendant's unique gemstone. To order your favourite colour, click here.

The winner of the "Smells Don't Lie" contest is Leopoldo!
Leopoldo gets a 2ml miniature vial of the precious, Valentine's Day Limited Edition Roses et Chocolate.
Thank you to all of you for commenting and sharing your fascinating nosey stories. I am very pleased to hear how you are all using your noses creatively and for extremely important pursposes in your daily life! Even though the contest is over, I'd still like to hear more of these fascinating stories, so keep the comments and stories coming!

Grant of Basenotes has once again surprised me when he updated all the release dates of my perfumes on the Basenotes Frgarance Directory. The directory now lists all of my upcoming perfumes for this year, as well as a few long forgotten ones that are produced on special request only.
For those of you who are members of Basenotes and tried my perfumes - you can add your own reviews including those of the most recent releases (Film Noir, Razala, Roses et Chocolat, etc.).

There are only 7 more days for you to voice your opinion about the IFRA's 40th amendment issue, and tell the Perfumer & Flavourist Magazine who you think is right - Cropwatch or IFRA in their online poll (scroll to the bottom left of the page). The results will be published February 7th - so PLEASE hurry up and VOTE!
Every voice counts in what may be a historical turning point which will determine whether or not we will be able to enjoy our beloved perfume classics and natural perfumes in the very near future!
You are also invited to sign the petition Tony Burfield has initiated against the 40th amendment. Nearly 500 people signed so far, but we need more signatures to make a difference in determining the future of aromatics in the 21st Century!

To read more about the topic, visit Cropwatch.org, Anya's Garden, and about The Freedom to Choose and my recent posts about the topic. More updates to come... Have a fantastic day!

Moonstone Pendant

Moonstone is very similar to quartz in appearance. It’s semi-clear, with occasional rainbow like reflections. Moonstone is considered to be soothing and helpful in balancing emotions. It pairs beautifully with silver.

Our Moonstone pendant can be ordered via our website and be filled with any scent you desire. Don't forget to mention which scent you want to fill it with.

We highly recommend Moon Breath, our meditative parfum composed of jasmine, sandalwood, bergamot, ylang ylang, gardenia and olibanum - for its calming, centering and euphoric impact. But it can be equally suitable for Fete d'Hiver's powdery snow-like texture, or the serenity of Megumi.
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