Rose Petal Beads

Rose Petals
Here's a glimpse into a five day process of making fragrant rose petal beads (perfect for rosary or any kind of prayer/meditation jewellery). This a time-consuming process that requires daily attention, but it's very satisfying to create something from garden to the finished product.

Rose Petal Beads, Day 1
Here the rose petals are beginning to cook with some water and a binding gum. I am not disclosing which kind because I followed a recipe with gum arabic and I was not happy with the results to added another gum at the end. In other words: this is a work in progress and I'm not sure which gum really is the best. When I know something, I'm happy to share it (most of the time). When I'm not sure I would rather not mislead you.

Rose Petal Beads, Day 3
Day 3 or so of rose petal cooking...

Rose Petal Beads, Day 4
More stewing on day 4. The rose petals are not broken down yet so I've decided to grind them in a food processor.

Rose Petal Beads, Day 4
Now it's a nice paste! But still not gooey enough.

Rose Petal Beads, Day 4
Trying to make a bead (and it wasn't formed well enough, which is why I added more gum on the last day).
Rose Petal Beads, Day 5
Day five, time for more cooking and finally the fun part: Forming the beads!

Rose Petal Beads, Day 5
Piercing the rose beads, one a time. Nails that I stick into a  scrap of foam (styrofoam would probably be a better choice but I didn't have anything handy).

Rose Petal Beads, Day 5
The rose petal beads were left to dry on the nails for about a week (depending on the humidity levels, this can take less time). Make sure to twist them a bit on the nail so they don't completely stick to i.

Rose Petal Beads, Off the Nails
Coming off the nails...
Rose Petal Beads, Off the Nails
And... voila! Now I just need to decide which kind of jewellery I want to make out of them.

Rose Petal Sugar

Rose sugar is simply sugar flavoured with rose petals. You can get it in gourmet stores, or make it yourself. It can be used as a topping for crepes, and baked good such as fruit crumbles, shortbread, etc. or used a substitute for sugar whenever a rosy flavoured is desired.

2 cups evaporated cane sugar

1 cup dry rose petals

Pulse the rose petals in a blender or a food processor until they turn into little crumbs. Add half the sugar and continue to pulse until the consistency is quite uniform (but not so much that the sugar is powdered). Add the remaining half of the sugar, blend and store in an airtight container until use.
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