Scentable Rings by Dancing Leaf Design

Noriko of Dancing Leaf Design has created 3 magical snowflake-inspired bouquet rings (see picture above) to go with my last 3 flacons of my favourite winter parfums: Fête d'Hiver, Hinoki and Sandal Tree. These are scentable rings - you can apply scent to the scent-absorbent beads within them, and enjoy your bouquet ring with more than one sense!

These rings + perfumes gift sets will be available exclusively at our holiday soiree December 15th.

We are also hoping to have more beautiful vintage Mexican poison rings from Taxco, including some very rare and stunning designs. They're still enroute but should be here any day now. I promise to let you know (and take photos!) as soon as they arrive.

New Arrival: Hematite Poison Ring

First of all, the Labradorite ring I posted yesterday was already sold!

Fortunately, I have a few more interesting rings to share with you, and I'm sure that among my collection you'll find just the right one to store your favourite scents...

Today I want to talk about this special Hematite ring. I always was fascinated by hematite - what looks like both a metal and a stone... For the first time ever, I found a poison ring with that stone, and I'm excited to share it with you!

Hematite in nature looks very much like the rock in the above image. My stepfather found something similar in the Sinai desert and I always thought it was very neat: it looked like a sculpture and no one could tell if it's a rock or metal (it kind of is both...)!

Hematite is, in fact, a mineral - an iron oxide, to be exact. It occurs in reaction to water, and therefore, when it was discovered on Mars in 2001, this was a sign that there was (and perhaps still is) water on that planet.

The name for hematite is from aima, the Greek word for blood ((αἷμα), which is because sometimes hematite is red. Red hematite is what was originally used for lipstick or rouge.

So here is the Hematite ring for you!
Hematite was very popular in Victorian era, and this ring has a bit of both the Victorian and ethnic feel to it. It is brand new, and I think (by the looks and the design, with my relatively short acquaintance with styles of poison rings in the past 3 years of collecting them), it was most likely made in Indonesia.

I am excited to fill it up with a perfume of choice for the one person who buys it (I only have one of each of these rings - each one I consider to be a lucky find!)
I recommend a perfume that feel both cool and strong, especially - Vetiver Racinettes, Palas Atena or l'Herbe Rouge.

New Arrival: Labradorite Poison Ring

Two new arrivals that I just posted on my website today: a Labradorite poison ring and a Hematite poison ring.

These are rare appearances in the poison ring world. I've only found one labradorite poison ring before, and this is my very first hematite ever!

I was reading about these two gemstones today - as it turns out, they are both minerals.
Materials interest me, even if they are not related to perfumery, believe it or not!

Labradorite is Calcium sodium aluminum silicate.
This mineral is an iridescent sea-gray in colour, and can only be truly appreciated in person when particular angle of light touches it and brings it to life. Come to think of it: just like perfume comes to life on the skin. This particular labradorite cobochon is a bit larger than other that I've seen, and it's beauty is magnetic... It reminds me of swimming in the (usually sea-gray) Pacific ocean on a day when the water does not look particularly clear, and the sky is rather cloudy... In a moment of grace, the sun reappears from between the clouds, and her rays flicker on the surface of the choppy water, reflecting hints of gold, blue and sea-green. And to make things even better, I decided to take the liberty and fill this ring with l'Écume des Jours crème parfum, which has seaweed and a breath of waterflowers floating above the coastline.

More on Hematite tomorrow!

New Online: Poison Rings and Solid Perfumes

I've just added poison rings to AyalaMoriel.com, in the new Poison Rings section in the store.
Also added are the various other colours of pendants that were especially made, in limited edition, besides our signature blue opal pendants. The one in the photo below is an ethnic Indian Moonstone one, filled with Moon Breath solid perfume.

If you love Solid Perfumes - check out the new section, with vintage pillboxes containing larger amount of solid perfume (up to 1/4oz). The picture above has beautiful bird illustration on its porcelain lid, and is filled with Kinmokusei solid perfume.

Other perfumed jewelry items of interest will be added as I go and find more interesting vintage and ethnic pieces. I'm always on the hunt of vessels that can contain perfume!

More poison rings can also be found on Etsy.
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