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Scented Sachets
The newest addition to Ayala Moriel's home fragrance line is the scented sachets. These unique blends of dried botanicals, resins and spices are infused with Ayala Moriel's pure perfume blends of natural botanical essences that intensify the aroma of the sachets and truly represent the perfumes they are based on - only meant for your closet.

The sachets are made of sheer organza, so that you can enjoy the visual vibrancy of the dry botanical. They are like dry bouquets captured within the fabric, to scent your clothes and linenes. Place in your drawers, in between garments on shelves, or tie to the hanger to leave a lingering subtle scent on your coats, shawls or gowns. Many of these sachets also have the benefit of protecting your clothes from moth and insects, as they contain cedarwood and/or patchouli leaves and essential oils, which are known for their moth repellent qualities.

These sachets keep their scent for a long time (I've had mine for a year before releasing them to the public, and they are still very fragrant). They will sure make your stocking smell good. Available in Ayalitta, Bon Zai, Fete d'Hiver, Film Noir, Lovender, Vetiver Racinettes and Viola.$15 each.

Our tealights are back in stock, in all 3 scents: ArbitRary, Bois d'Hiver & White Potion. These soywax candles are made from non-GMO soybeans and are pacakged in recyclable tealight plastic containers that are heat resistant and safe to burn. They make an excellent addition to any gift, or can be the gift when grouped in larger quantities. Price range: $4 (ArbitRary & Bois d'Hiver); $6 (White Potion).

Creative uses for tealights:
- Before you ligtht the tealights, group in interesting arrangement to make an interesting lighting effect for your holiday party.
- Pair with a sample of the same (or different) scent from Ayala Moriel's line.
- If you don't intend to use the candle immediately, store in your closet as you would a fine soap or a sachet. These will make your closet smell wonderful!

Truffles Gift Boxes
These gift boxes contain 8 delicious truffles with surprising flavours to savour over the holiday. Flavoured with essential oils and flower essences, these flavours really burst in your mouth and leave a memorable impression.

Dark chocolate flavours:
Blood Truffles - Rose, Chili, Saffron and Kahluah
Guilt Truffles - Orange Flower, Wild Orange and Grand Marnier
Jasmin Noir - Basil, Sambuca and Jasmine Grandiflorum
Mojito-Jalapeno - Green Jalapeno, Tequila, Spearming & Lime

White Chocolate Flavours:
White Potion - Tuberose, Coconut, Almond
Charisma Truffles - Matcha, Sambac, Osmanthus & Spearmint
Magnolia Petal - Magnolia, Vanilla & Clementine

Milk Chocolate Truffless:
Lovender Truffles - Lavender & Nutmeg
Immortelle l'Amour Truffles - Cinnamon, Ginger, Maple & Orange

These truffles can also be made in custom flavours, and are all packaged in recyclable tins that can be returned for refill or reused as you wish. Price: $15/tin

Sample Sizes
Samples are the best way to try a scent before committing to a larger bottle. And when buying for someone else, is a great way to introduce someone to the line without risking that the fragrance will go to waste. While the sample pictured of the exclusive limited edition The Purple Dress (coming out in in 2009) costs $17 per 1ml vial, most of Ayala Moriel's samples are less pricy, and are $8 each for 1ml parfum extrait. This amount allows you to live with the scent for a while (it will easily last for a week) and also looks adorable and fits nicely in any pocket or purse.

Gift Certificate
We offer gift certificates for any budget, and we all know that even a little bit counts when you are saving up for that dream perfume! Just tell us the amount and who it's for and we'll customize your gift card, tie a satin ribbon for a finishing touch and tuck it in a fancy, miniature vellum envelope.

Japanese Neroli Sachet

In perfect timing with my last post, today I received a package form my friend in Japan, full of fragrant surprises, one of which is this elegant Japanese neroli (Citrus tachibana - aka Tachibana orange) sachet.

As most things Japanese, it is very balanced: even though it is fresh smelling, it has a depth and interest. I have a reason to believe (even without opening the sachet itself - I have a feeling this will end in a disaster!) that is has a base powder very similar to that of the Japanese body incense - most likely a mix of sandalwood, camphor, cloves and other woods and spices and here it must have been also infused with some of the above mentioned neroli essential oil. It’s fresh but not shallow.

Japanese sachets are very similar to Japanese incense in aroma, and are usually packaged in scraps of Kimonos, silk or barocade fabrics. Most of the Japanese incense houses also make their own unique sachets.

Everything is accompanied with Japanese literature so I am hoping to find out more later on this evening after I meet with my Japanese-Canadian friend here in Vancouver for some interpretation... I will update this post accordingly later on.

Bon Zai Sachet

Sachets were very popular in traditional Japanese culture, where they served a dual purpose, both practical and esthetic. Traditional garments such as Kimono were not to be washed or laundered or else the beauty of their intricate embroidery and dyes would be compromised. Instead, they were stored in the company of fragrant woods such as cedar or camphor, or dried leaves and spices such as patchouli and cloves, that would impart a pleasing aroma to the clothing and also keep away the month. The art of Japanese incense includes also “incense sachets” - mixtures of ground woods, spices and herbs that promote the good scent of fabrics as well as protect them from the moth.

The first Bon Zai sachet was born especially for my client Yoko, who carries my line in her antique shop in Japan. I was out of the Viola sachets that she ordered, so I made her a Bon Zai sachet instead, which turned out to be a favourite!

Bon Zai sachet is made of several dry botanicals - red sandalwood chips, vetiver rootlets, patchouli leaves and whole rosebuds. These were than infused with cedarwood oil, shiso oil, rose otto, juniper berry and red mandarin to create the full spectrum of Bon Zai’s distinct aroma, adopted for a sachet use.

Besides the pleasing scent of the sachet, it is also a good moth repellent thanks to the patchouli leaves.
Bon Zai sachet in the making - on the scale

Bon Zai sachets are available via ayalamoriel.com and Etsy.com

Stock Update and Holiday Specialties

Latest Sahleb stock updates: I thought I should let you know that the number of Sahleb bottles have shrunk down to the last 4 (yes, only four) bottles.

I have received a new shipment of orris butter with 15% irone, but unfortunately it does not scrape the bottom of the quality of the one used for Sahleb. So unfortunately, this is all there is to it!

More stock updates:


Our Roses et Chocolat tea is down to half the stock, even though we just had a full stock last Monday. This is flying out the door fast!
If you need it, than order it now before it's gone again.
Or else you will have to make do with Immortelle l'Amour ;)
* Tirzah and Gaucho are out of stock and won't be made again until the spring.


A new shipment of our Bois d'Hiver and ArbitRary candles should arrive any day now. But judging by how fast they went, you will be wise to pre-order them now. We only make them in batches of 8 candles at a time. This time we will also have extra 10 tealight size of both these fragrances.
White Potion candle is out of stock and will be back in a couple of weeks. Again, we highly recommend pre-ordering if you want those candles, they are going out fast!


The brand-new addition to Ayala Moriel's home line are the scented sachets.

Film Noir sachets are extremely popular (patchouli and cacao nibs infused with vintage patchouli oil and cacao absolute) and already has a few sachets pre-ordered. If you want more of those, please let us know how many so we can make sure we have enouhg for you for before the holidays!

Vetiver Racinettes sachets are out of stock, but we'll have more next week.


If you need truffles for the holiday - for gift giving or events - order them now, as my list of truffles orders is getting long and my time is running out ;)
You can order full batches here.

I've just posted my newly found poison ring treasures on my Etsy shop. Please take a look!
These statement jewelry pieces make a stunning gift.

Funny Tea

My grandmother called me yesterday afternoon to thank me for a little care-package I sent her. She asked how business is doing as usual (she's always a fan and also has invested in Ayala Moriel in the past in more ways than just money!), complimented me on the latest news via my newsletter (she even started spamming her friends at the Bridge club, finally getting back at them with all the Powerpoint presentations they bombard her computer with); and told me how impressed she was with my tea.
At this point I started feeling very worried because I could not for the life of me remember sending her any tea in the package (my package included some gourmet British Columbian harvested jams, chocolate and a few other little treats). Now, I sure am not getting younger but I don't expect my memory to be that bad already! I asked her how it was packaged and she said it was in a little fabric bag. At this point I just couldn't help but laugh my head off. This was no tea, this was the Vetiver Racinettes sachet I've sent her! With cardamom pods inside and infused with nutmeg and cardamom essences it sure smelled good enough to eat! My grandmother wasn't the only one who enjoyed the tea, she even shared it with my two brothers and my sister in law when they came for a visit and everybody liked it. We both laughed and laughed...

Thankfully, there was enough left to use the rest of the "tea" as a sachet as intended. I did not send her tea because she told me she only drinks one kind of (herbal) tea- dried lemon verbena from her daughter's garden... But it does encourage me a lot to make my next tea with Dawna, this time with some vetiver root in it and candied ginger. My grandmother is a huge candied ginger fan, and if she enjoyed vetiver with cardamom, I can only imagine her delight with her favourite spice and that earthly root thrown in...

Now I'm off to make myself some tea with some vetiver thrown in, and also call my mom to make sure she does not make tea from her Film Noir sachet (I don't want to imagine my mom drinking patchouli tea, she already has enough 60's influence in her life without that!).

If you are interested in sachets in general, I have them in several scents from my collection, available via AyalaMoriel.com as well as my Etsy shop (listed under home fragrances).
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