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Funny Tea

My grandmother called me yesterday afternoon to thank me for a little care-package I sent her. She asked how business is doing as usual (she's always a fan and also has invested in Ayala Moriel in the past in more ways than just money!), complimented me on the latest news via my newsletter (she even started spamming her friends at the Bridge club, finally getting back at them with all the Powerpoint presentations they bombard her computer with); and told me how impressed she was with my tea.
At this point I started feeling very worried because I could not for the life of me remember sending her any tea in the package (my package included some gourmet British Columbian harvested jams, chocolate and a few other little treats). Now, I sure am not getting younger but I don't expect my memory to be that bad already! I asked her how it was packaged and she said it was in a little fabric bag. At this point I just couldn't help but laugh my head off. This was no tea, this was the Vetiver Racinettes sachet I've sent her! With cardamom pods inside and infused with nutmeg and cardamom essences it sure smelled good enough to eat! My grandmother wasn't the only one who enjoyed the tea, she even shared it with my two brothers and my sister in law when they came for a visit and everybody liked it. We both laughed and laughed...

Thankfully, there was enough left to use the rest of the "tea" as a sachet as intended. I did not send her tea because she told me she only drinks one kind of (herbal) tea- dried lemon verbena from her daughter's garden... But it does encourage me a lot to make my next tea with Dawna, this time with some vetiver root in it and candied ginger. My grandmother is a huge candied ginger fan, and if she enjoyed vetiver with cardamom, I can only imagine her delight with her favourite spice and that earthly root thrown in...

Now I'm off to make myself some tea with some vetiver thrown in, and also call my mom to make sure she does not make tea from her Film Noir sachet (I don't want to imagine my mom drinking patchouli tea, she already has enough 60's influence in her life without that!).

If you are interested in sachets in general, I have them in several scents from my collection, available via AyalaMoriel.com as well as my Etsy shop (listed under home fragrances).
  • SachetsVetiver Racinettes
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