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Japanese Neroli Sachet

In perfect timing with my last post, today I received a package form my friend in Japan, full of fragrant surprises, one of which is this elegant Japanese neroli (Citrus tachibana - aka Tachibana orange) sachet.

As most things Japanese, it is very balanced: even though it is fresh smelling, it has a depth and interest. I have a reason to believe (even without opening the sachet itself - I have a feeling this will end in a disaster!) that is has a base powder very similar to that of the Japanese body incense - most likely a mix of sandalwood, camphor, cloves and other woods and spices and here it must have been also infused with some of the above mentioned neroli essential oil. It’s fresh but not shallow.

Japanese sachets are very similar to Japanese incense in aroma, and are usually packaged in scraps of Kimonos, silk or barocade fabrics. Most of the Japanese incense houses also make their own unique sachets.

Everything is accompanied with Japanese literature so I am hoping to find out more later on this evening after I meet with my Japanese-Canadian friend here in Vancouver for some interpretation... I will update this post accordingly later on.
  • Citrus tachibanaJapanese IncenseJapanese NeroliJapanese SachetSachets
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