Less Is More Sale Thru November 15th

Fall is a time of transition. This time around I am undergoing major changes to make your online shopping experience smoother, and fragrance selection online easier and more intuitive.
In preparation for moving the website into a new server and new operating system - I must pair down my collection to it most beautiful, most essential and most exciting fragrances. Help me de-clutter by taking advantage of up to 35% off select fragrances that are among the ones being discontinued from our online boutique.
Like the trees around me, I am shedding one perfume after the other and removing them from the permanent collection. It is a sad yet brave and necessary step in order to keep the collection easy to navigate in the shrieking screens of the new millennia. We hope you understand and continue to support my little perfumery. Now, let the Less Is More sale begin!
Please note this is a 10-days only sale, and will expire November 15th.

Parfum Oil Roll-On 10ml
35% off
Eau de Parfum 15ml
30% off
Parfum Oil Roll On 5ml
30% off
Mini Eau de Parfum 4ml
25% off

Stock Update and Holiday Specialties

Latest Sahleb stock updates: I thought I should let you know that the number of Sahleb bottles have shrunk down to the last 4 (yes, only four) bottles.

I have received a new shipment of orris butter with 15% irone, but unfortunately it does not scrape the bottom of the quality of the one used for Sahleb. So unfortunately, this is all there is to it!

More stock updates:


Our Roses et Chocolat tea is down to half the stock, even though we just had a full stock last Monday. This is flying out the door fast!
If you need it, than order it now before it's gone again.
Or else you will have to make do with Immortelle l'Amour ;)
* Tirzah and Gaucho are out of stock and won't be made again until the spring.


A new shipment of our Bois d'Hiver and ArbitRary candles should arrive any day now. But judging by how fast they went, you will be wise to pre-order them now. We only make them in batches of 8 candles at a time. This time we will also have extra 10 tealight size of both these fragrances.
White Potion candle is out of stock and will be back in a couple of weeks. Again, we highly recommend pre-ordering if you want those candles, they are going out fast!


The brand-new addition to Ayala Moriel's home line are the scented sachets.

Film Noir sachets are extremely popular (patchouli and cacao nibs infused with vintage patchouli oil and cacao absolute) and already has a few sachets pre-ordered. If you want more of those, please let us know how many so we can make sure we have enouhg for you for before the holidays!

Vetiver Racinettes sachets are out of stock, but we'll have more next week.


If you need truffles for the holiday - for gift giving or events - order them now, as my list of truffles orders is getting long and my time is running out ;)
You can order full batches here.

I've just posted my newly found poison ring treasures on my Etsy shop. Please take a look!
These statement jewelry pieces make a stunning gift.
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