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September's Monthly Draw: Virgo Perfume

the letter writer, originally uploaded by traingel.

I can't believe September (and soon - October) has flown by so fast without me even announcing the winners yet for the monthly draw! Sorry to have taken so long... Indeed, the holiday season seems to start in September...

The winner was selected blindly and randomly by a third party (my little daughter Tamya) from amongst those of you who ordered online from AyalaMoriel.com during September. The Lucky winner of September's Monthly Giveaway is:

Yoko from Japan

Congratulations, Yoko!

You will be receiving in the mail a 10ml roll-on bottle of Virgo perfume shortly.

At the end of October we will announce the October winner, who will receive a luxurious roll-on bottle of a Zodiac anointing oil - Libra perfume!

We will continue with these monthly draws until the end of the year.

Up for Grabs: Two Gorgeous Poison Rings

I've just updated my website to include two new and gorgeous poison rings
- one is a special for October, with the months' unique Birthstone - a Blue Fire Opal Poison Ring with colourful, glittery flames of turquoise, green, yellow and a hint of orange-pink.
The ring works particularly well with our signature pendents, but also makes an amazing stand-alone conversation piece. It is already filled with a solid perfume of Yasmin - our luxurious jasmine soliflore.
This ring is brand new, made of sterling silver and is size 7.

The other piece is a Peridot poison ring, hansomly faceted into a rectangular shape. The compartment is square and roomy - enough to fit quite a bit of solid perfume of your choice. This ring is empty, awaiting your command to fill it with a luxuruious cream perfume. We recommend it to be filled with either Grin, Bon Zai, Charisma, Bois d'Hiver, Indigo, l'Ecume des Jours, Megumi or Viola.
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