• Up for Grabs: Two Gorgeous Poison Rings
  • BirthstoneCreme ParfumLibraOctoberPeridotPoison RingVirgo

Up for Grabs: Two Gorgeous Poison Rings

I've just updated my website to include two new and gorgeous poison rings
- one is a special for October, with the months' unique Birthstone - a Blue Fire Opal Poison Ring with colourful, glittery flames of turquoise, green, yellow and a hint of orange-pink.
The ring works particularly well with our signature pendents, but also makes an amazing stand-alone conversation piece. It is already filled with a solid perfume of Yasmin - our luxurious jasmine soliflore.
This ring is brand new, made of sterling silver and is size 7.

The other piece is a Peridot poison ring, hansomly faceted into a rectangular shape. The compartment is square and roomy - enough to fit quite a bit of solid perfume of your choice. This ring is empty, awaiting your command to fill it with a luxuruious cream perfume. We recommend it to be filled with either Grin, Bon Zai, Charisma, Bois d'Hiver, Indigo, l'Ecume des Jours, Megumi or Viola.
  • BirthstoneCreme ParfumLibraOctoberPeridotPoison RingVirgo
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