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Ayala's Signature Collection


Classic Green-Chypre, outdoorsy and chic


Exotic gourmand with rosewater, vanilla, powder and coconut brings you the flavour of the Rahat Loukum confection


Floriental yet fresh, Charisma is all about charming olfactory contrasts.


Peaty scotch, leather and cigar smoke develop into a musky-vanilla skin-scent.

Fête d'Hiver

Spicy roses with incense and amber dries down to a powdery snow on fluffy fur…


Delicious citrus that is naughtily sweet and refreshingly sexy.

Film Noir

Heartless… Topless… Film Noir seduces with base notes only - dark chocolate, patchouli and myrrh.

Immortelle l'Amour

Maple-like immortelle absolute, along with rooibos and vanilla captures the aroma of Tire d’Erable. Also offered as a perfumed tea. Both are magical concoctions!

Moon Breath

A unique ambery-floral blend. Inspiring, euphoric and calming. Encourages creativity and balances emotions.

Palas Atena

Powerful, exotic Spicy Oriental surrounding the champaca flowers. With sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli and amber.

Roses et Chocolat

Originally a limited edition for Valentine's Day, Roses et Chocolat has become a favourite year-around and is also available as a perfumed tea, candle and truffles.

Song of Songs

Passionate and seductive Oriental perfume. Inspired by the aromatics of Biblical times mentioned in the Song of Solomon.


Lighthearted and cheerfully sweet Fruity Floral, with a tropical heart of frangipanni and gardenia and soft skin-musk base.


Traitorous tuberose. Treazon is a 2013 Indie FiFi Awards Nominee!


Fuzzy amber and zesty ginger. Launced 20.11.2011 with a tea party along with a matching tea.

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Agent Moriel (Men & Unisex)


Summery Citrus Chypre with herbal and floral accents of basil and jasmine. Also comes in a candle.

Bois d'Hiver

Foresty-spicy, warm yet fresh fragrance combining incense, spices and fragrant fir forest. Also comes in a candle.

Bon Zai

Minimalistic, Japanese-inspired woody fragrance with shiso and agarwood.


NEW!!! Etrog Oy de Cologne, featuring the rare notes of citron, pomelo and balsam poplar buds.


Spiced Turkish Coffee gourmand with a hint of floral notes.

l'Herbe Rouge

Inspired by Boris Vian's novel by the same name, l'Herbe Rouge is a classic Fougere that is sexy, refreshing and long-lasting.


Innovative, all-natural oceanic-woody for men. 2012 Indie FiFi Award Nominee.


The scent of the West Coast rainforest after the rain.


Daring and exotic oriental-leathery concoction that has won the hearts of men and women alike.

Vetiver Racinettes

Our signature vetiver fragrance is like no other, combining the earthiness of thousand rootlets in deep dirt with the sweetness of refreshing root beer.

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New Perfumes


This is the essence of "Cedrechor" - sun-warmed woods in the Pacific rainforest.

Lost Lagoon

Lost Lagoon is the third perfume in "Perfume for a Place" series, dedicated to Ayala's favourite places in Vancouver.

Musk Malabi

A love triangle of musk, rose and neroli. Inspired by Malabi (aka Mohalabia) - a pretty Middle Eastern summer dessert of chilled milk pudding topped with rose petal syrup.


Scented selfie. Candle-lit winter flower. dark and wild. An eccentric portrait of the most eccentric flower of them all: Narcissus.

Sandal Ale

Sandalwood hops between smooth woody warmth and fresh fruity apricot and marigold. Smooth yet tangy, piquant and intriguing, like an apricot wheat ale.

Sunset Beach

Escape with me to Sunset Beach - my happy place of creamy sandalwood, massoia and exotic champaca.

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Liquid Poetry


Sakura and ume (plum) blossoms set against the urban landscape of metal, wet woods, cement and the ever-changing moods of the people that pass by them.

l'Écume des Jours

A salute to Boris Vian's perfect novel, l'Écume des Jours is a Green Floral with lotus, freesia and natural oceanic, salty notes of sea weed.

New Orleans

Launched on Mardi Gras 2011. Perfume celebrating the beauty and the spirit of New Orleans.


Exotic Arabian-inspired perfume with oud, ambergris, saffron, pink pepper, orange blossom, rose, jasmine and tuberose.


A flower and a dessert… Sahleb is the stuff dreams are made of. Flavoured with rosewater and crushed mastic resin, Sahleb (orchid in Arabic) emerges from every street corner in the Middle East in steaming copper caldrons.

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Language of Flowers (Soliflores)


Osmanthus Soliflore. Fruity apricot and wild orange lift the green-tea and leathery base.


Lavender Soliflore. Velvety, refreshing and calming with sandalwood, vanilla and iris.


Rose Soliflore. Light and rosy-cheeked with grapefruit and vanilla. Pure rose.


Violet Soliflore. Powdery, sweet and softly green.

White Potion

Tuberose with creamy tonka bean, sandalwood and coconut base. Soft and sensual. Also comes in a candle.


Jasmine Soliflore, showcasing all the phases of jasmine from dawn to midnight.


Orange Blossom Soliflore, capturing the expansive happiness it brings to the Meditteranean orchards in the springtime.

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Limited Editions & Seasonal

Violets For My Furs

A ballade: Metallic cucumber-chill of violet leaf, warm fur wet by the melting snowflakes.

Violetta Cacao

Meet Violetta Cacao - a decadent scent of sweet violets, chocolate and vanilla.

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Fruity-Chypre with daring spices and old-fashioned powdery floral bouquet.

Black Licorice

Trick or treat! This perfume version of the dark sticky candy is a limited edition for Haloween.

Bouquet of Love

Romantic floral bouquet.

Dreaming Parallel

Limited edition - part of the Clarimonde Project

Épice Sauvage

Woody, spicy and animalic with Atlas cedar, cardamom and honey.


Named after the South American cowboys of the Pampas, Gaucho perfume is accompanied by a matching perfumed tea, both of which are yerba-maté based.


Gardenia soliflore that is lighthearted and at the same time voluptuous. With rare essences of jonquille, East Indian sandalwood, kewda and cardamom.


Green floral spring fragrance that will bring a smile to your face and flowers everywhere you go!


With its bouquet of chocolate and orange blossom, Guilt is a gourmand perfume to end all guilty feelings surrounding chocolate…


Carnation Soliflore. Spicy and rich.


Enigmatic powdery spicy oriental with precious notes of boronia, orris, carnation and anise over a base of amber and woods.

Jasmine Pho

Jasmine green tea clash with effervescent cilantro and basil.

Les Nuages de Joie Jaune

Mimosa Soliflore. Woody, wet and slightly sweet with notes of vanilla and cassie.


Fruity Woody Chypre with an elegant floral bouquet and a hint of spice.


Refined, clean tobacco scent with orange blossom, tonka bean, Haitian vetiver and lemon.


A perfume of contradiction and reconciliation between light and dark. Schizm takes you from spicy, green and dry to the sultry, carnal heat of white flowers and undergrowth.

Tea Rose

Tea Rose perfume celebrates the bliss of China tea roses.

The Purple Dress

Champaca soliflore, bordering on the Oriental. Haunting and exotic with agarwood, anise, black tea and orange blossom.

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One of a Kind

Custom Perfume - Made To Order

Made To Order Custom Perfume, designed exclusively for you. Tell us what your favourite notes are, and we will make you a one of a kind perfume that is all your own!

Fougère Classique

Classic masculine Fougère

Geranium Leaf

Geranium straight up.

Incense & Chocolate

Two ancient rituals: burning incense and drinking chocolate are sacred offerings.

Lime & Cacao

Inspired by Mexican cuisine, Lime & Cacao is piquant and refreshing.


Mysterious, musky and unique.

Osmanthe Anise

Singular, evocative and comforting. Creates the illusion of warm poached pear.

Signature Perfume

Custom, one-of-a-kind perfume especially designed for you

Tubereuse et Violettes

Tuberose flower and violet leaves in a sweet embrace of tender softness, reminiscent of green figs and milky iris.

Vetiver Blanc

The 1st in the Vetiver Series created in 2007. This is a sheer, clean vetiver centered around Haitian vetiver oil.

Vetiver Noir

The 2nd in the Vetiver Series created in 2007. Roasted coffee and hazelnuts complete the dark nutty texture of vetiver from Indonesia.

Vetiver Rouge

My 2007 vetiver experiments concluded with a fourth liquid perfume: Vetiver Rouge.

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