I'm on TV! Telus Optik Local myVancouver

What do I have in common with a tattoo parlor, a bloodhound hunter and a volunteer piano teacher? We all appeared in episode 429 of TELUS Optik's myVancouver.
Watch it on Vimeo and YouTube, where you can get a glimpse into how I compose, blend and sniff perfumes at my home studio.

Sinister Greenness Meets Floral Decadence

"Treazon, an all naturals composition by Vancouver-based indie brand Ayala Moriel Parfums, unites the oboe-soft timbre and a sinister greenness with the decadence of a flower entrenched in complexity". 
 Incredibly sensual review of my newest creation, Treazon:
"There's a hint of sweet floralized suede, of skin warmed by friction, of sweet spices folded into milky butter". For more delicious details - read all of Elena Vosnaki's review on Fragrantica!
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