Fragrantica Reviews Lost Lagoon

Lost Lagoon

"you will appreciate the zingy, joyful opening: galbanum with citrus tones which pop, juicily vibrant. The heart is comprised of lovingly blended florals, almost buttery beneath cheery topnotes. A little deft touch of labdanum (I'll wager) smiles affectionately upon iris and oakmoss as they provide a resting place.

The distinct pleasure I derive from Lost Lagoon is how smooth and effortless it feels. There are no rough edges, all the aromatic materials play so swimmingly with one another. It's just plain pretty, is what it is. And refreshing. I'd like to see Lost Lagoon offered in liter size so that I could splash around in it like a duck."

Visit Fragrantica to read the rest of Ida Meister's review of Lost Lagoon.

Sinister Greenness Meets Floral Decadence

"Treazon, an all naturals composition by Vancouver-based indie brand Ayala Moriel Parfums, unites the oboe-soft timbre and a sinister greenness with the decadence of a flower entrenched in complexity". 
 Incredibly sensual review of my newest creation, Treazon:
"There's a hint of sweet floralized suede, of skin warmed by friction, of sweet spices folded into milky butter". For more delicious details - read all of Elena Vosnaki's review on Fragrantica!

Fragrantica Report from LA Artisan Fragrance Salon

Visit Fragrantica to read Elena's account of her visit to Ayala Moriel Parfums' table at the Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon. It was so wonderful to finally meet Elena and Zoran Knezevic in person - they are the warmest, loveliest couple and so passionate about fragrance - which is very apparent in the interactive, multi-lingual and well illustrated Fragrantica community!

They have meticulously taken photos and reported about each and every table, so please check out Fragrantica's other articles on the topic:
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And - you might want to read previous features of Ayala Moriel Parfums on Fragrantica:
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Interview with Perfumer Ayala Moriel

Etrog on Fragrantica & Now Smell This

Ida Meister (whom you may know by her perfumista screen name Chaya-Ruchama) has reviewed my newest fragrance, Etrog Oy de Cologne, on Fragrantica.
Now Smell This announced Etrog earlier this week as well. Thank you, Robin!

Want to add your own review of Etrog? You can do so on Make Up Alley!
We will have a lucky draw for an Etrog mini among those who post a review of it (draw date: July 31st).
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