Vetiver Noir OOAK Perfume

Coffee Beans by Stirling Noyes
Coffee Beans, a photo by Stirling Noyes on Flickr.
Last month, I went back to my old sketch vetiver formula for Vetiver Noir (from 2007) and decided to make it better. Sometimes great idea take a few years to materialize, and I'm glad that no one bought this before, so I was able to turn this into a singular, One Of A Kind perfume and offer it anew on my website, in the semi-custom-perfume. The way it works with these OOAK perfumes is, that instead of paying full price for a custom scent you get to pick a singular phenomenon from my personal lab experiments and archives, and make it your own. I will not sell the perfume (or the formula) to anyone else after you do so; and when you run out - you can order a refill for the same price as custom scent refills go for. 

To the original formula, with Indonesian vetiver, dark-roast Arabica coffee, Ruh Khus and Cardamom - I added some surprising elements that have a dark, intense quality - yet create a very sophisticated aura. Using Bourbon Vetiver was a big twist of faith here, as it is a very rare distillation, and with that smoky, dark, nutty quality that makes vetiver connoisseurs swoon (and those who don't get vetiver in other occastions might just fall for it after smelling this varietal).

Dark-roasted coffee beans complement the nutty, dark texture of Vetiver Bourbon and Indonesian vetiver oils. Ruh Khus and baked Indian earth contribute warmth and depth, accented with hints of nutmeg and hazelnuts.

The new OOAK Vetiver Noir turned into something I'm so pleased with I'm almost tempted to take off-line... That's how much I love it. So make it your own before I change my mind!

I'm on TV! Telus Optik Local myVancouver

What do I have in common with a tattoo parlor, a bloodhound hunter and a volunteer piano teacher? We all appeared in episode 429 of TELUS Optik's myVancouver.
Watch it on Vimeo and YouTube, where you can get a glimpse into how I compose, blend and sniff perfumes at my home studio.

Made to Order!

Bridal Stagette Perfume Making Party

New at Ayala Moriel Parfums - Made To Order Custom Perfume!
Tell us what your favourite notes are, and we will make you a One-Of-A-Kind perfume that is all your own!

This is a wonderful way for you to get creative, express yourself and make your dream perfume come true, with your favourite notes.

When placing an order for these perfumes - email us with your favourite notes you want to include in the perfume, and the name you'd like to call it.

Your perfume will be ready 4-6 weeks later, and we will only make it for you. It will be bottled in our 15ml splash/spray bottles (as in the picture above), and labeled with your own name on it, or you can name your own perfume as you wish!

Weekly Giveaway Winner Announcement

Thank you to all of you who commented and participated in our custom perfume topic this week.
The winner of SmellyBlog giveaway this week wins a Signature Perfume, created by yours truly using pure natural essences.

The lucky winner was selected using random.org, which picked for us commenter no. 6, aka Princess Ellie

Congratulations, Princess Ellie!!!
I'm very excited to be creating for you a Signature Perfume,. Based on your comment, this would be a "creamy floral that has a hint of green. Maybe tuberose, jasmine, gardenia with a little Linden blossom and scent like fresh cut grass for some green notes and a nice base of tonka bean, sandlewood and possible some coconut. A little like White Potion with some green added to it. That would be perfect".

Please contact me ayala (at) ayalamoriel.com so we can get started with the creation of your very own Signature Perfume!
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