This Wednesday: DIY Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Workshop with Ayala @ Giving Gifts

Treat your special someone and yourself to a custom-made aphrodisiac massage oil!

In this 2hrs workshop with master perfumer Ayala Moriel you will:
- Discover the world of natural aphrodisiac essential oils and botanical turn-ons
- Learn about the properties of sensual and nourishing plant-based massage oils
- Design your very own blend, with those special notes to inspire passion and stir up the senses!
- Take it home with you, and be ready to get pampered!

* Complementary refreshments of aphrodisiac teas & chocolates will be served.

About the instructor:
Master perfumer Ayala Moriel of Ayala Moriel Parfums has been creating seductive scents since 2001. She creates custom perfumes, body products, fragrant teas, fragrant chocolates and candles, and teaches DIY aromatic workshops.


Giving Gifts & Co.
4570 Main @ 30th Avenue, Vancouver


Wednesday, February 12th, 6:30-8:30pm 

How much:
$50 including all materials, equipment, packaging and the massage oil bottle you'll be taking home with you, of course!

Space is extremely limited!

Please register with Ayala Moriel Parfums via email or call/text (778) 863-0806. 

How Perfumers Sniff, Think & Create Introduction to Natural Perfumery for Practicing Aromatherapists

BCAPA Professional Development in the Okanagan Sunday, October 4th, 2009

How Perfumers Sniff, Think & Create Introduction to Natural Perfumery for Practicing Aromatherapists

Natural perfumery is an ancient art form that has reemerged after nearly 100 years of hibernation. While natural perfumery shares many raw materials with aromatherapy, the aesthetics, principles and techniques are fundamentally different and require approaching the materials from a different perceptive. In this one day seminar, Ayala Sender of Vancouver-based Ayala Moriel Parfums, will lay the principles of natural perfumery while answering questions such as:
What are the differences between an aromatherapy synergy and a natural perfume?
What are top, heart and base notes?
How is a natural perfume constructed?
How to sniff like a perfumer?
These topics, as well as olfaction and perfume genealogy, will be explored through hands-on examples and experiencing both familiar and new essences with this fresh perspective.

Location of workshop will be: The Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy #201 - 3400 - 30th Avenue, Vernon, BC V1T 2E2
Date: Sunday, Oct 4th, 9am-4pm
If you would like more information, please contact Sonja via email or at 250-550-4727
Registration Fee:
Members $85
Non-members $110
* Attendees will receive 6 CE credits for this event.

Download a Registration Form

News from the Nose

Get Seduced into Winter By Sahleb Perfume & Roses et Chocolat Tea

Dear Fragrant Friends,

Fall and Winter 2008/2009 holds many delicious surprises at Ayala Moriel Parfums!

There is Sahleb, a smooth iris perfume inspired by the winter pudding-beverage in the Middle East; Roses et Chocolat Tea - yes, it's as good as it sounds if not better! - and two new candles to light those dark nights and add some fragrant spark to your home.

Please read on for all the full scoop:

Sahleb: Orchid, Pudding and now also a New Perfume

Ayala Moriel is proud to introduce: Sahleb - the perfume version of a Middle Eastern winter favourite. This scrumptious pudding beverage, flavoured with rosewater and crushed mastic resin is offered by street vendors straight from a copper caldron throughout the cooler seasons across the Middle East. Served warm and topped with coconut, pistachio and cardamom, Sahleb has become an essential part of winter and a way to make even the gloomiest street corners cozy and home-like.

The creamiest orris root from Italy was used to create the smooth texture of this starchy and soothing pudding-beverage. A hint of the finest rose otto from Turkey, coconut and butter essence and crushed mastic resin complete the exotic flavour, and finished with a hint of vanilla and nutty ambrette seed Sahleb is ready to seduce you into winter!

Top Notes: Coriander Seed, Rosewood, Mastic Resin

Heart Notes: Orris, Rose Otto, Butter

Base Notes: Ambrette Seed, Coconut, Vanilla Absolute

Sahleb is an exclusive and extremely limited edition – only 11 bottles were made, two of which are already taken! I hope that with your support we will be able to find and obtain more of that special orris butter to make more in the near future.

We are almost sold out of samples (only 2 left). Each bottle of 9ml parfum extrait contains 20% orris butter with 15% irone (the molecule that makes it smell so creamy, dreamy and violet-like), retailing for $160.

Available on AyalaMoriel.com and for limited time only also on b-glowing.com.

Click here to read “Orchid, Pudding, Perfume” - behind the scents with Sahleb perfume.

Update: We are completely sold out of samples for Sahleb, but still have 9 bottles in stock!

Tea Time with Roses et Chocolat

Some of you were fortunate enough to have a sip of Roses et Chocolat tea with me at the Portobello West Art + Fashion Market in September. Now the tea is ready and packed in a cute tin and tied with a hot pink ribbon – the best gift you can give yourself this fall!

Roses et Chocolat tea is made of two specialty black teas from China: Fu Hao, and Rose Congou, flavoured with organic damask rose, vanilla, anise, and, of course – chocolate!

The chocolate flavour comes from real and pure organic cacao nibs – which are cracked cacao beans. They are sugar free and full of nutrients – and as Newport Yoga Blog notes, this tea is an excellent way to get your chocolate kick but without the side-kicks to badly influence you or your figure...!

Roses et Chocolat gained immediate following at a unique High-Tea event last Sunday hosted by the High-Tea Girls Heather & Moj. I can easily attest to it’s beauty by the fact that it’s not even a month on my tea-counter, and my personal 2oz tin is nearly empty…

Roses et Chocolate Perfumed Tea - Ingredient List:
Special Grade Premium Fu Hao Black Tea (China)
Premium Rose Congou Black Tea (China)
Raw Cacao Nibs, certified organic (Peru)
Damask Rose Petals, certified organic (France)
Vanilla Pod, certified organic (Madagascar)
Anise Seed, certified organic (Turkey)

Roses et Chocolat is the 4th collaboration with Inner Alchemy Tea Co. - a Vancouver Based company that specializes in high-quality, wildcrafted and organic teas and herbs.

For more information and serving suggestion, visit SmellyBlog.

Light the Night with Two New Candles

The past year at Ayala Moriel was dedicated to one secret mission: turning some of our most haunting perfumes into candles and teas!

It all started with Bois d’Hiver last winter. Nikki Sherritt and I started working on the candle than, and took a little break in the summer to bring to you the citrusy sunshine of ArbitRary candle. So it wasn’t till NOW that we finally have what we wanted: a beautifully burning winter candle with a touch of fir absolute and orange blossom floral wax. Bois d’Hiver is everything the perfume is about – in a candle form. Imagine stepping into a cabin after a walk in the snowy forest – your hair is messy with fragrant coniferous needles and inside there is a warm spicy brew burning on the fireplace, and the room is filled with the scent of incense and myrrh yet with no smoke to burn your eyes. This is Bois d’Hiver – foresty, spicy and incensey in the best possible way. I was so excited to light it yesterday night, it filled an entire floor with a magical scent of outdoorsy coziness.

Another candle that was in the making since the summer is White Potion – a tuberose-centred creamy white floral candle that is made of a combination of precious tuberose floral wax, ylang ylang, virgin coconut oil and tonka bean. To call it an aphrodisiac would be an understatement.

A fourth candle in the collaboration with Garbriel's Aunt will launch later this winter. Stay tuned to hear all the details… For now, I’ll just keep you on your toes…

Body + Soul Magazine Features Gaucho Perfume

Body + Soul Magazine's November 2008 issue features Gaucho perfume. You can click here to read Beauty Basics: Pure Perfumes by Courtney Humphries - or search for it in the glossy magazine that will be out on newsstands shortly before October runs out.

As a gesture to our Body + Soul readers, with every order of Gaucho, you will receive a complemetary Gaucho Tea in our gift-wrapped 1oz tins (while quantities last).

* Gaucho is the little rectangle green-juiced flacon on the very top left of the photo (the bottle looks different from the rest of my line).

New Retail Location: Spa*Habitat

Ayala Moriel Parfums are now availabe in Spa
beautiful new location in West Village in uptown Dallas, Texas. This upscale organic spa has a full range of beauty and relaxation services in two location (Plano and Dallas). The new Dallas location offers a unique all-natural and organic Scent-Bar, featuring five of Ayala's original natural perfumes: ArbitRary, Espionage, Finjan, Tamya & White Potion. In addition, you can also scent your home with our beautiful ArbitRary soywax candles and get treated with some Immortelle l'Amour perfumed tea while you shop.

Gift Making Workshops at the Studio

During the fall and winter, I invite you to join me at the studio for a series of inspiring workshops that will help you get ready for the holidays with unique hand-scented gifts and holiday menus and recipes.

You will leave each workshop with gifts ready to go under the tree, that you have made yourself and smell wonderful!

The workshops offered include, among others:
Can’t make it for your desired workshop on our calendar?
- Contact us to book your own private workshop with a group of friends (up to 6 people). (778) 863-0806. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule and help you get ready for the holidays in a fun, relaxed & inspiring way!

Workshops can be booked in advance online here.

Chocolate Truffles are back!

At least there is one known advantage for the cooler weather: the chocolate won’t melt!

This is the time of year when chocolate truffles can be easily shipped across the country without getting spoiled.

Pick your flavour and we will make a special batch for you of 40-50 truffles at a time of a flavour of your choice. These can be either served at your home or business for holiday parties or wrapped individually in gift boxes to pass on to special friends and colleagues. All flavours are sold for $60 a batch.

Holiday Party & Open House December 21st

Come celebrate the holiday season and light the first Hannukah candle with Ayala.

Perfumed teas and truffles will served in abundance (naturally) as well as other aromatic and seasonal treats, including, of course – the infamous Sahleb pudding-drink!

This party is a wonderful opportunity and a cozy environment for you to meet other local perfume lovers who shares your passion of natural perfumery, and experience our new line of candles, Sahleb perfume, and more.

When: December 21st, 6pm-10pm
Where: #314-1230 Haro Street, Buzz #295
RSVP by December 15th or call (778) 863-0806

Hope to see you all soon!

Warm regards,

Ayala Moriel Parfums
My SmellyBlog: SmellyBlog.com
Tel.: (778) 863-0806
Address: 1230 Haro Street, Buzz #295,Vancouver, BC
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm; Sundays & evenings by appointment only
Address: PO Box 93589 Nelson Park, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L7

Botanical Alchemy Series

Postcard design by Dawna Ehman

Ayala Moriel Parfums & Inner Alchemy Tea Co. Present:

Botanical Alchemy Series I - Fall 2007


Join Tea Master and Folkloric Herbalist Dawna Ehman, and Perfumer Ayala Sender for a series of workshops designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation for the nature of plant essences used in perfumery, herbalism and tea culture.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be guided on an experiential journey that combines beautiful visual presentations, hands-on experience, your own working manual of formulas & blending charts as well as chance to appreciate an array of plant based elixirs, teas and perfumes.

The 7-week series is ongoing throughout the months of October to December. Although each weekly class can stand on it’s own and is not reliant on a prerequisite, you are encouraged to participate in the flow of each class moving into the following one, as we build upon our new found knowledge and experience for natural aromatics.

We aim to fulfill the deepest interests of individuals about the fascinating interconnections of aromatics in perfumery, herbalism and tea culture by facilitating this series dedicated to self-directed study and passionate hands-on experience. For more information & to register please email us or call: (778) 863-0806.

You may register for a single class at the price specified, or sign up for the entire series and get an early-bird* discount.
Prices range from $25 to $75 - or $260 for the entire series.**

*If you register prior to September 27th, 2007 single class discount of 20%
**That means that you get one theoretical class for free.


We begin our aromatic journey with the prehistoric origins of incense and follow the evolution of aromatic plants by noting their developments throughout recorded history up to the 21st century - including an outlook on the future of aromatic plant production for use in herbalism, tea culture and perfumery.

When: Thursday October 11, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
How much: $25 (Space limited to 10 students)

Part 1. History of Natural Aromatics in Herbalism, Tea Culture and Perfumery – from Antiquity to Today

Part one follows the historic evolution of aromatic plant use with a focus on incense, perfume, tea and herbalism. We journey back in time to the prehistoric ritual use of incense and then on to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and the Middle East to explore the developments of perfume. We discover tea in ancient China and take a brief look at the unique usage of aromatic plants in medieval herbal practices.

In this first class we will experience two ancient uses of aromatics:
i.) Clearing Space Ritual - using Egyptian Kyphi incense (one of the most sophisticated perfumes of antiquity – a blend of 16 different aromatics plant materials that was used both as an incense, perfume and as medicine)
ii.) Jasmine Tea Sampling - experience the first aromatized tea

Part 2. The Ecology of Herbs, Tea and Perfume Production Today and for the Future

Part two of this class looks at how the nature of aromatic plant production has evolved to define its current 'ecology'. We address the central challenges and threats to these ancient art forms alongside our current use of teas, herbs, essential oils and natural raw materials. Discussion includes the implications of bio-piracy, capitalization, economics and government regulations, large scale agriculture, globalization, etc.)

Class will close with a guided meditation on our outlook to the future and our intentions for making a positive change in the ecology of aromatics.


Learn about the powerful yet subtle language of healing & beauty in aromatic plants. In this fascinating class we will discover how plants form impressions within our own psyche and we will learn to appreciate the myriad relationships they have to our emotions and memories. This class also covers safety guidelines for using natural aromatic plants and extractions and offers a unique opportunity to appreciate some of the most precious botanical aromatics available.

When: Thursday October 18 ( 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)
How much: $25 (Space limited to 10 students)

Part 1. Energetic Properties of Plants and Aromatics

In this lesson, we dive deep into the realm of plant energies and learn to appreciate the unique correlation between the energetic nature of a plant and what it may reveal through the emotional response of both our nervous system and our memory. We will also observe important factors that influence the energetic properties of aromatic plants (including seasonal shifts, growing methods, harvesting, processing and storing methods).

We will begin our exploration of perfumery and personality and also look at how different forms of aromatic extractions of the same plant reveal varying levels of energetic concentrations and consequent physiological responses. Finally we will explore how to incorporate aromatic plants into our lives as a way to enhance our emotional well being.

Exercise: Tea ceremony as a meditative practice and an opportunity for mindfulness.

Part 2. Determining Quality and Safety

In part two of The Living Language of Plants, you will acquire basic tools, tips and guidelines for assessing raw materials and for using them appropriately and efficiently. Through exercise and demonstration you will learn how to determine quality (i.e.: how do I know if a material is natural or synthetic? how to tell if it’s fresh or stale?). We’ll also discuss ratios and proportions, how to troubleshoot (i.e.: clean your skin of sticky resins and oils, or how to avoid skin irritations) and learn how to use plant aromatics responsibly and respectfully- to ensure your pleasure and safety are not compromised.

Exercise: Assessing qualities of synthetic vs. natural aromatics through demonstration and assessment (e.g.. pure vanilla extract vs. artificial vanilla flavor; pure attar of rose vs. rose fragrance oil).


Uncover the many methods used to extract plant essences, and experience precious botanical essences from around the world. We will also explore the mysterious connection between plants and humans, and how plants can assist us to live a full, healthy life and in harmony with our environment.

When: Thursday October 25 ( 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)
How much: $25 (space limited to 10 students)

Part 1. Plants and Human Form - The Correlating Healing Relationship

Explore the mysterious connection of 'form and function' between plants and humans, and observe how plants can assist us to live a full, healthy life in harmony with our environment. We’ll learn about he correlation between the three layers of our skin (epidermis/dermis/subcutaneous) and the three organ sections of plants (flower, leaf & stem, root), and how to transform plant matter into healing infusions, macerated oils, tinctures and salves.

Exercises: Comparison between plant structure and the human body; making an infused oil for healing and skin care purposes.

Part 2. The Building Blocks of Natural Perfumery

Uncover the many methods used to extract plant essences, and experience precious botanical essences from around the world. By the end of this lesson, we will understand the different distillation and extraction methods of aromatic plants, and learn the difference between essential oil, absolute, hydrosol, floral wax and concrete. Sampling and demonstration of the essences that result from these processes will be presented so you can truly understand the differences between the various essences and their qualities by using your senses – sight, touch and smell.

Exercises: Learn to recognize top, heart and base notes. Compare the results of five different extractions from the same plant (i.e.: neroli, orange blossom absolute, orange flower water, orange flower water absolute)


Discover the artistry and science of blending pure aromatic substances when creating unique loose leaf tea blends and natural botanical perfumes. We will also discover the unique interrelatedness of tea and perfume, such as perfuming teas with flowers and using tea notes in modern perfumery. There will be opportunity to sample tea blends, perfumes, assorted plant elixirs.

When: Thursday November 1 ( 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)

How much: $25 includes materials (space limited to 10 students).

Part 1. The Art of Blending and Tasting Teas

In this lesson you will learn about the basic principles of tea blending and the different stages of the tea-tasting experience: you will learn how to reveal the aromatic bouquet. We will also discuss and compare the various methods of processing teas (i.e.: the differences between white, green and black teas) and learn about how teas are graded. And last but not least – we’ll demonstrate with samplings the two methods of flavoring tea - aromatizing and perfuming, and learn about the difference between the two.

Exercises: Tea Tasting Techniques and Drawing up your Aromatic Palette in Tea Tasting

Part 2. The Art of Blending and Wearing Perfumes

This lesson will be dedicated to exploring both traditional and modern approaches to blending a perfume. We will discuss the “fragrance pyramid” (i.e.: top, heart and base notes), and reveal the different methods of composing perfume such as the structured “Accord” approach (i.e.: building horizontal and vertical chords), the exploratory or intuitive approach, working from briefs, and more. You will experience first-hand the development and structure of a natural perfume - on your own skin, and as we walk you through the different aspects that went into designing it, both conceptually and structurally.

Exercises: Evaluating building blocks (top, heart and base); perfume demonstration: walking through the process of perfume creation from concept to creation, and pulling apart the notes of a particular perfume on a scent stripes to analyze its structure.


Learn how to use quality aromatic botanicals (herbs, loose leaf teas, essential oils, absolutes, concretes and floral waxes) in the formulation of teas, tisanes, herbal first-aid preparations, and perfumes – both solid and liquid. This class is entirely “hands on”. All materials needed will be provided.

When: Thursday November 8 ( 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
How much: $75 including materials (space limited to 6 students).

Part 1. Herbs in Formulation

We begin our hands-on workshop of formulations with a brief discussion of common aromatic herbs (including therapeutic flowers, roots and leaves) that can prepared for practical daily usage. We will explore the significance of synergy when formulating herbs for potency, longevity and efficacy. We will learn to appreciate the application of herbs in several unique and creative formulations including dream pillows, healing creams and love elixirs and take a brief look at the formulating practices of some of the world's oldest herbal traditions.

Demonstration: what to include in your herbal first-aid kit
Exercise: methods of blending an herbal tea

Part 2. Perfumes in Formulation

This lesson is dedicated to your first attempt at blending your own natural perfume. From a given aromatic palette, you will select your own favorite notes to make a perfume that will bring you both pleasure and pride. Drawing on the knowledge from the previous class – about the classifications of notes, volatility rate, perfume structure and blending approaches, you will make a perfume that is simple yet elegant and with the guidance of an experienced natural perfumer, is sure to smell good and have a good and lasting power. This will by no means make you a “perfumer”, but it will give you a hands-on idea of what being a perfumer is like, and perhaps even inspire you to further deepen your studies of natural perfumery.

Exercises: Visualization and conception of perfume idea
Planning and blending a solid perfume


"We cook and complain that it's a waste of time, when we should be pouring our love into making that food" (Paulo Coelho, "The Witch of Portobello")

Join us for a fabulous evening of aromatic cooking- using fresh herbs, freshly ground spices, loose leaf teas, and essential oils- in both savory and sweet dishes. Your will be given a collection of recipes to try at home, and receive guidelines for aromatic cooking. As an inspiration, we will be preparing a “Winter Solstice” feast (which we will enjoy together at the end of the class, of course!) including an appetizer, a main course, a dessert and beverages to accompany the meal. We hope that by the end of the class you will feel inspired to use your own aromatic culinary mixtures at home and feel encouraged to express your creativity in the kitchen, using the best quality aromatics you can source.

When: Thursday November 15 (6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
How much: $55 including materials (space limited to 6 students).

As we’d like to surprise you, we won’t reveal the exact menu until the class itself. We hope to repeat this workshop throughout the year, and change the recipes according to seasonal and regional availablilty - all so that we can support local farming as much as possible in our cooking & best exemplify what we believe in through our culinary actions.

However, we can say that each cooking workshop, no matter the season, will give some basic guidelines and recipes for:
Preparing from scratch your own ground spice mixtures and pastes (such as curries, garam masalas, etc.).
Using fresh herbs in savory dishes, dips, condiments and pickles.
Preparing your own salad dressings and marinades using essential oils and/or fresh herbs.
Cooking and baking with tea seed oil and other nutritious oils.
Alternatives to dairy and wheat (selected recipes prepared will be vegan or dairy and/or wheat free).
Using exotic spices and/or essential oils in desserts and baked goods.
Concocting specialty teas and beverages – either chilled or warm, according to the seasons.

The workshop is divided to three sections:

Part 1. Savory Dishes and Spice Mixtures

With a focus on preparing savoury appetizers, salads and main courses.

Part 2. Sweet Dishes and Desserts

Learn surprising ways to use freshly ground spices, hydrosols and essential oils when baking pastries and exotic desserts from around the world.

Part 3. Warming and Chilled Drinks

Learn how to concoct your own teas and beverages for entertaining or for accompanying a meal. By using herbs, spices and flower waters, you will learn how to transform an ordinary drink into an unforgettable treat!


Learn the basis of 'inner wisdom-outer beauty'. We will learn to prepare beautifully fragrant and sensual body products using simple and luxurious botanical elements that are readily available and use the benefits of essential oils and other fragrant materials to add another unique dimension to your daily body care rituals. By the end of the class, you will take home with you at least one body product, plus a handbook with additional recipes that you can safely and simply create at your own home.

When: Thursday November 22 (6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
How much: $55 including materials (space limited to 6 students).

Part 1. Body Care Preparations and Recipes

Learn the fun and magic of making your own body care products from readily available ingredients. We will guide you, step by step through a detailed process of body care preparations using the finest natural aromatics for body care.
Class notes and formulas include tea based facial steams, washes and tonic waters; hydrosols for healing and beauty; plant based shampoos; herbal infused oils & butters; perfumed sugar body scrub; aphrodisiac perfume oil.

Part 2. Simple Self-Healing Techniques

In this final hands-on workshop we learn to perform enjoyable and safe self-healing techniques that use aromatic body care products prepared in the earlier part of the class. Discover how the benefit of incorporating such techniques with aromatic elements will nourish your mind, body and soul and encourage a daily personal ritual of pleasurable body care and beautification.

Class notes and formulas include: Cold water rinse in facial care; pre-shampoo scalp massage; self massage in an oil bath; reflexology pressure points of the hands and feet; self-massage techniques for headache and reflexology; temple massage with lavender oil.

Tea Culture Seminar

You are invited to join Tea Master and Folkloric Herbalist Dawna Ehman for a relaxing evening of tea. Learn the techniques of tea making and preparation and experience Dawna's exquisite Inner Alchemy Teas.

Space is limited to 6 participants so we encourage you to sign up fast to reserve your spot!


Thursday, August 9th, 7:30-9:00pm

Ayala Moriel Parfums Studio
#314-1230 Haro Street @ Bute (Buzzer #295)

$20 per person, including tea, samples and materials

RSVP with Ayala at (778) 863-0806 or by replying to this email

* Liked our workshops? Refer a friend and receive free admission for your next workshop with us!
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