Enfleurage Mini-Course

Enfleurage Mini-Course

Ever wished that Lilac season lasted a little longer or wanted to capture the scent of your garden and just bottle it? This is a dream you can make true as long as you have access to an ample supply of fresh flowers, and a few everyday tools and materials that are readily accessible.

Enfleurage is a labour-intense art form, in which the scent exhaled by living flowers is captured and preserved. It is one of the most rewarding projects, that once you understand the principles of, you could set off on your own to extract from many fragrant flowers, and truly connects you to the earth, the seasons and the beautiful world of scent. 

An Enfleurage Mini-Course is offered this spring via Zoom, and includes three one-hour sessions in which we'll learn the principles of preparing traditional yet vegan enfleurage, extraction and also two less known methods of capturing flowers beauty for years to come. 

Students receive a written Enfleurage Primer with all the materials and equipment necessary for this process, as well as a list of recommended botanicals, and access to the 3 enfleurage live Zoom classes and their recording, which will demonstrate each step of the process. 

The course begins this week, Thursday, May 27th, and takes place from 4:00-5:00pm Israel time.  

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