Midsummer Tea Party

Desserts - photo by Noam Dehan

5 tiered tea tray - Photo by Shawn Nygren

Here are some images and notes about my last tea party August 8th. This party was dedicated to the awesomeness of summer!!!

This weekend was the very middle of the summer, so I thought there's no better way to celebrate that with yet another fabulous tea party, great company of the local perfumistas and sensualists, to whom I prepared the full spread of tea treats, homemade baked goods and tea sandwiches and canapes, all made of market-fresh ingredients grown locally.

The Dancing Leaf Design + Ayala Moriel Parfums display - Photo by Shawn Nygren

I was also very honoured to host my dear friend and uber-talented artist Noriko Kobune of Dancing Leaf Designs with her beautiful Japanese beading jewelry. Noriko was at the event in person, helped me put together the most beautiful display ever and summery flower arrangements. She brought her collection with her one-of-a-kind pieces, some of which you can view on her blog. Keep in mind that they are 100 times more adorable in person, and 200 times better when worn.

I used the party as an opportunity to
reveal to my guests and local devoted clientele my upcoming body care line, which will be launched in the fall. The guests were privy to these luxurious yet light-weight anointing body oils, sugar scrubs and revitalizing bath salts with tantalizing aromas that I try to make as original as my perfumes. These were offered for sale for the first time in affordable trial-size packaging during the party, and will be posted online as soon as a few last details are figured out (i.e.: pricing, photos and ad copy).

Nourishing sugar scrubs

Anointing body oils

Ritual bath salts (new, bigger and better packacing, with a wooden scoop to boot)


Noriko and Keiko - Photo by Shawn Nygren

Guests at the party - photo by Shawn Nygren
Guests at the party - photo by Shawn Nygren

More photos here.

Scents from the Ocean: Creating Orcas perfume
In this presentation, the guests got exposed to essences that come from the ocean or that have salty and oceanic qualities, such as: seaweed essential oil, ambergris tincture, oakmoss absolute and choya nakh.
I also let them have a sniff-peak at some of the different mods of some of my secret project perfumes, including a perfume that represents the scents of New Orleans before Katrina; and of Orcas - my upcoming natural marine scent inspired by the scenery of Tofino.

Tea Selection:
Charisma Tea House Blend
Wild Chrysanthemum served with fresh mint over crushed ice and a few drops of agave syrup (courtesy of Dao Tea)
Jungjak Green Tea served over crushed blackberries and crushed ice (courtesy of Dao Tea)
Lavender Earl Gray

Other beverages:
White Wine & Tea Sangria with Magnolia & Pomegranate White Tea (from Shaktea tea)
Homemade Limoncello

Roasted beet and blue cheese sandwiches - photo by Noam Dehan

Tier 1:

Tea Sandwiches & Savouries
Cucumber + Mint tea sandwiches
Polenta with tomato + Basil + Bocconcini ***
Roasted Beets + Chèvre + Raspberry Chipotle Tea Sandwiches

Tier 2: Scones
Lavender-Rosemary Scones
Served with Devonshire Cream + Raspberry and apricot jams by Preserved BC Sunshine

Scones - photograph by Noam Dehan

Tier 3: Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter
Cherries **
Apricots **
Fresh Rhubarb Compote **
Desserts - photograph by Noam Dehan

Tier 4: Desserts & Petit Fours Jasmine Tea Tarts with Lemon Curd & Fresh Basil
Brownies with Raspberry Sauce **
Classic Madeleines (vanilla bean and lemon zest)

Tier 5:
Black Summer Truffles*
Guilt Truffles (orange blossom and wild orange)*
Saffron Robe Truffles (saffron salt and orange flower)*

* Wheat free
** Wheat and dairy free
*** Dairy and/or wheat free substitute options available upon request

Black Summer Truffles

amiamo il tartufo, originally uploaded by Firenze&Boboli.

Those of you who missed the fabulous fashion show last night will still be able to enjoy the new truffle flavour I've just invented and included in half of the goody bags (in the silvery sachets): Black Summer Truffle!*

The idea came to me when I discovered black summer truffle flavoured salt from Maison Coté.
This gourmet sea salt contains 3% dried black summer truffles, and 1% of truffle flavour.

Admittedly, I'm not a huge truffle fan. I like the scent, which is unusual, musky, earthy and heady. But as an aroma and flavour it's a bit much. So I used just a pinch of the salt in the truffles, and mellowed it with earthy wild mushroom absolute (aka Porcini or Cèpes). And to make a good thing even better - a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream!

Midsummer Tea Party will take place August 8th. Reservation is required for attending as space is limited. I hope to see you among my guests!

*The other half, in the golden sachets, were filled with orange blossom truffles - some were Guilt and some were Saffron Robe (I like variety when I need to roll hundreds of truffles!).

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