Snowy Night

snowy night, originally uploaded by Sasakei.

It's snowing for the first time this year, and I'm snuggling up in bed snuggled up in my cozy pyjamas and perfumed with my latest version of The Purple Dress (with champaca, henna flower, broom and oud) and wrapped in Kyara incense smoke.

What would you wear when it first snows? Share your thoughts below and enter to win a sample of The Purple Dress.

Perfume(ing) Bubble Gum & Too-Sweet Sour Plum

Unknowingly, when buying an Onigiri "sandwich" for my daughter's lunch tomorrow, I got tempted to buy a rose-scented bubble gum. And also eat it, of course. My daguther was clever and through it right away. I felt obliged to keep chewing the thing, taking break from time to time.

At first, the piece of gum resisted my biting and felt kind of chalky. Than it released a very mild rose scent and hardly any sweetness. And than it finally softened and opened up to my taste buds. From this point on, the gum had such an intensely artificial tea-rose aroma to it that I found it quite obnoxious but very curious. I had to take breaks in chewing it so I can smell other stuff and also just not smell the roses, for a change!
It's as if I accidentally touched one of those tea-rose fragrance oils and licked my finger right after. Kind of pleasant but with a burning sensation in the tongue...

It was not until later tonight, when I was searching for an image to include in a mundane "mental note" post (I'm too lazy to take a photo myself tonight) that I learned that the purpose of this gum was not to taste like roses but to make the chewer smell like one. For 6 hours...!
I won't be able to report if it worked or not, because I am:
a. Completely Rosed-Up
b. Will be asleep when those 6 hours pass.
I'm pretty sure I smell of roses now as I type this.

Incidentally, this all happened after trying to drink Japanese plum bubble tea. Usually being quite a sour plum - the bubble tea was way too sweet and I was unable to finish it. My daughter's black sesame milky bubble tea was superb, however.

The other important fragrances of the day were of course the three scented candles of my own line made for me by Garbriel's Aunt. But I'm too tired now and will report more tomorrow.

Update: a day after chewing this bubblegum both of my entire legs got covered with red-rosy hives, and they are still there 3 days in. I haven't tried to smell them and see if they emit a rosy odour, but I'm guessing I'm allergic to geraniol when consumed in such large amounts.
I'll stick to applying rose perfume on the outside of my skin rather than internally. Maybe people who are allergic to perfumes don't react that way when eating them, but I doubt it. All the same, an interesting novelty item - if consumed with caution!

Mental Notes + Stock Updates

Today I've been wearing Roses et Chocolat. I haven't worn this for quite sometime - except when trying the tea with Dawna last week.
I have to say, this perfume matured into something much lovelier than it even was in its youth. After a couple years of maturing (this is how old the sample I have is) it has morphed into a very perfumey rose that reminds me of Russian rose incense (it comes in mica dusted pellets). Only that the Russian rose incense smells very synthetic and Roses et Chocolat is purely natural and rosey and complex like a real rose should be. The amber and pink pepper added to the rose and cacao account for that incensey surprise.

And last but not least: we are now fully stocked up on ArbitRary candles and the soothing and seductive Roses et Chocolat tea. You better get yours soon, because both are as popular as they deserve to be.
Just FYI: my personal 2oz tin of Roses et Chocolat tea is halfway empty within the course of 10 days. My guests here at the studio love it too.

Lavender Out of Context

La casa Gelato, originally uploaded by 芋姫のたび.

Aromatic landmark of the day is La Casa Gelato (1033 Venables Street, just off Glen Drive).
From the 508 flavours, I picked two scoops: chocolate-basil and lavender. The lavender was surprisingly green. Rather than being flavoured by the dry buds, it is flavoured by fresh green lavender leaves. So does the chocolate-basil, where one can spot green pesto-size specks of basil leaves.

The combination was everything but ordinary and oddly comforting. Which reminds me of how well basil and lavender might just do together. Maybe not with a violet - but perhaps with tarragon absolute, to bring out even more the licorice like nuances found in some varieties of basil.

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