EauMG Reviews Beard Oils

Visit EauMG to read Victoria Jent's reviews of my Blackbeard Oil and Orcas Beard Oil. Both can be used to condition both hair and beard and are made primarily from argan oil.
"...if you like natural oils and if you think you’d like smelling like a lumberyard or salt air, then don’t let 'beard' shy you away. These are high-quality oils with great fragrances".

Film Noir Bar Featured in EauMG 2013 Gift Guide for Natural Beauties

Film Noir Bar (3-in-1 moisturizing bar for bathing, shaving & shampoo) is featured in EauMG 2013 Gift Guide for Natural Beauties.
The bar was created in collaboration with Open Source Soap, a Eugene Oregon based artisan custom soapmaker.
Film Noir Bar is made of the "usual" awesome formula of rich-lather soap, with the addition of moisturizing jojoba and castor oils, and nourishing cocoa butter. Perfect for travel, as it will save space in your suitcase, and weigh you down less, and will save you time if you need to go through airport security...
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