Film Noir Bar Featured in EauMG 2013 Gift Guide for Natural Beauties

Film Noir Bar (3-in-1 moisturizing bar for bathing, shaving & shampoo) is featured in EauMG 2013 Gift Guide for Natural Beauties.
The bar was created in collaboration with Open Source Soap, a Eugene Oregon based artisan custom soapmaker.
Film Noir Bar is made of the "usual" awesome formula of rich-lather soap, with the addition of moisturizing jojoba and castor oils, and nourishing cocoa butter. Perfect for travel, as it will save space in your suitcase, and weigh you down less, and will save you time if you need to go through airport security...

Custom Perfumes: The Perfect Gift

If you think that giving perfume is too tricky - think twice: With our custom perfume service, you can treat someone you love to the perfume of their dreams!

Pamper someone you love with our custom perfume services, which were picked for Best of 2011 by LA Magazine!

This is a unique experience, that can be done both in-person at the studio, or via correspondence (in fact, most of our custom-perfume clients are from overseas!). In the process you will explore your favourite notes and your relationship with your olfactory heritage; and will enjoy a pure natural perfume, carefully composed by world-renown natural perfumer Ayala Moriel.

To top it all off - through Groupon you can now save 50% off (!!!) the original price and give it as a gift to someone really special in your life.

The Groupon offer expires December 15th, 2011. Take advantage of it while it's still on. Please note, the number of vouchers we set aside for this offer is extremely limited!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Espionage Chocolate Bar
Elegant chocolate bar that will create a whole party in your mouth!

Bois d'Hiver Travel Tin Candle
Perfect for taking with you on your holiday getaway and bring the forest into any hotel room (or in-laws guest room).
Was featured as a stocking stuffer by Yoyomama at the Vancouver One Of A Kind Show.

Finjan Sugar Scrubs
Energizing and delicious sugar scrubs to smooth away cellulite and for an instant pick-me-up. Comes with a complementary wooden scoop.

Yuzu Bath Salts
Japanese winter solstice bath ritual involves whole yuzu (Japanese citron) fruit in a very hot tub to release the scent. These salts bring to you the essence of this rare fruit and the refreshing aroma of citrus and a hint of hinoki wood and Japanese mint. Wooden scoop included for a lovely presentation.

Gift Card
Let them choose: $65 gift cards towards any scent in our most popular travel size roll-on

Parfum Oil Roll-On
Cozy winter scents in a convenient roll-on. Our recommendation for this season: Bois d'Hiver, Épice Sauvage and Fête d'Hiver

Mini Wardrobe Trio
Three liquid jewels.

Poison Ring
2 in 1: perfume and a conversation piece of jewelry! Choose from our collection of rare, eithnic and vintage poison rings.

One Of A Kind Perfume
Pick a perfume that no one else on earth owns!
Classy gift with a personal touch. Complementary consultation for matching scent to personality!

Signature Perfume
Wow your loved ones with a memorable experience creating their own custom scent with Ayala.
In person at the studio, or via correspondence for customers from out of town.

Please note Canada Post's shipping deadlines:
USA: orders shipped Xpresspost to the USA by December 16th are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas (about $25 for most orders - heavier items will cost more). After that, you will either have to wait, or pay extra for FedEx shipping.
CANADA: orders shipped Xpresspost within Canada by December 22nd. Courier will make it on time as long as order is shipped December 23rd.
INTERNATIONAL: orders must be sent by December 17th, via EMS or courier to make it in time for Christmas

Happy Holiday Season!

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