Must Read: A Toast Story

Aside from the odd and gimmicky fragrance reference of Eau de Toast, today's must-read article has nothing at all to do with perfume. I strongly urge you to read this inspiring story in the Pacific Standard, written so well by John Gravois. On the surface it seems to be about tracking down the source of a trend (artisanal toasts - have they arrived to your neighbourhood yet?!). But truthfully, it is a story about one woman's unique way to struggle with a major challenge life has thrown at her, and a big reminder on how important it is to stay connected to other breathing, living human beings. And of course, it resonated with me not only because I'm also a woman entrepreneur; but also find there is an immense healing power in swimming in the uber-cold Pacific ocean.
Read it!

Let 'Em Eat Toast

Bakers of the world must be feeling threatened by the recent low-carbohydrate and gluten-free diet fads. The Federation of Bakers (you didn't know such an organization exist? Neither did I...) has launched a limited edition fragrance bearing the bitten-off label Eau de Toast during London Fashion week, piling yet another challenge for the hard-working models on the runways, being adorned with clouds of this buttery odour.

Wishing a successful Fashion Week to all of London's model, and an easy fasting during Yom Kipur this weekend!
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