"In this same vein, patients are taught that there is no correct way to bend or lift, one doesn't need to avoid soft chairs or mattresses, and in general the great number of admonitions and prohibitions that have become part of back pain folklore are simply without foundation, because TMS is harmless condition, and there is nothing structurally wrong with the back. Running is not back for the spine; weak abdominal do not cause cause back pain; strong back muscles do not prevent back pain; it is perfectly all right to arch the back, swim the crawl or breast stroke; man WAS meant to walk upright (homo sapiens and his ancestors have been doing so for somewhere between 3 and 4 million years) (...) One could go on and on."
(Dr. John Sarno, "Healing Back Pain", 1991, p. 110)

I spent the past 10 days debating whether or not I should publish this post... This blog is usually dedicated to perfumery, aromatics, and related culinary arts. This post is an exception: it's related to health and wellness, and is rather personal. I am openly and shamelessly taking advantage of my large readership and following, in order to share something quite radical, that can change your life in the best imaginable way, as it has for me.

If you or someone close to you has been suffering from low back pain, shoulder, neck pain, sciatica, knee pain, hip pain, plantar fasciatiis, carpal tunnerl or any other muculoskeletal pain - and epscially if they have a history of other psychosomatic symptoms (i.e.: tension headaches, migraines, acid reflux, eczema, psoriasis and many other quite unpleasant yet harmless symptoms) - it's very likely that they are suffering from TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome). That means, that the cause of these debilitating ailments is not physical, but psychological. In other words - it's a mindbody disorder (a more apt name for psychosomatic disorder). It does not mean you "want" to be ill; it does not mean that you're crazy either. It just means that your mind has come up with a very effective solution to deal with intimidating emotions such as anger, anxiety and other intense emotional pain. This is a psychological defense mechanism, hat shifts your attention from the emotion to your body by creating immense pain in your back (or neck, shoulder, knee, etc.).

If any of what I said strikes a familiar chord, I really urge you to read the book Healing Back Pain by Dr. John E Sarno, MD, a revolutionary physician that specializes in psychosomatic medicine and has helped thousands of people free themselves from this very devastating and limiting life-style.

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