• July 12th 2006, Osmanthus Phase Three
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July 12th 2006, Osmanthus Phase Three

Green tea with Osmanthus, originally uploaded by tyneejash.

More osmanthus absolute this time, to assert the osmanthisism of the composition. I decided to be a bit daring again, but this time go with a material I am more familiar with: tabac blond. It has an earthy, dry leaf quality that is not unlike tea. It creates an illusion of black tea. I also doubled up the other base notes (used in the previous versions) – ambrette, sandalwood, green tea. The heart remains basically the same, focusing on osmanthus, with a couple of supporting notes that share some similarities: a tad of lavender Seville absolute and linden blossom absolute. This time I used only the ethereal wild orange top note, and omitted the clementine. It is just fruity enough to help the osmanthus out, but not too sweet to distract from the darkness of the osmanthus. It really showcases the phases of osmanthus – from peach/apricot, to leather and finally to a smooth green tea. The only thing I am not happy with yet is the lasting power, and so I will increase the concentration and see how it improves the perfume.

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