• July 7th 2006, Osmanthus Phase Two
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July 7th 2006, Osmanthus Phase Two

Clementine, originally uploaded by Supriya O.

No helicrysum in this cup of tea. I will need to find another use for this note, and I am sure I will. Helicrysum essential oil, by the way, is a completely different story: it’s like an eternal sun of honey. This time I kept the base rather light, staying cautious to not overpower the osmanthus. The top was lightened with Clementine CO2. The result is fruity and bright, but not very long lasting. Although the Clementine and citrus notes complement the osmanthus, the result is sunny. I wanted a dark osmantus. The base is yet to reveal how substantial it is. But I am not happy with the lasting power, not at this concentration, anyways.

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