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Autism Blogala!!!

Throughout the month of October, SmellyBlog will be fundraising for a very special organization based in Vancouver, BC: Autism Community Training. This is a parent-owned and run charity organization that runs workshops, provides resources and supports children and adults with autism as well as their family and people who interact with them. The main goal of this organization is to enable parents, professionals and para-professionals to support children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder to live productive, satisfying lives within their families and communities. They bring in experts from around the world to provide workshops in affordable prices for parents, educators and anybody in the community who is who cares about the individuals that suffer from this neurological disorder, or is simply fascinated by the riddle that is autism.

So visit us and the other participating blogs this month for very special blog events in the first ever Autism Blogala:

  1. Giveaways
  2. Contests and Riddles - win lots of cool prizes!
  3. Silent Auctions
  4. Charity Sales of selected fragrances from Ayala Moriel Parfums (profits proceeds to ACT-BC)
  5. Comment & Fundraise (leave a comment and the blogger will donate a pre-set amount to the charity)

As far as perfume blogging is going – this month is going to be extremely exciting. Here is an overview of what is planned for this month scent-wise:

  1. Behind The Scents of one of Ayala Moriel’s most haunthing perfumes
  2. Chypre Articles and Perfume Reviews
  3. Leather Article and Perfume Reviews
  4. The Story Behind a Leather Bespoke Perfume
  5. Perfume Adventrues with Little Duckling (= my daughter)
  6. And of course – very Halloween appropriate – the use of licorice and anise notes in perfumes + reviews of licorice scented perfumes!

Autism Blogala Participating Blogs:

Perfume Critic

Monkey Posh

Photograph courtesy of Arturo de Albornoz - the signature bag of Autism Centre of Dubai
  • AutismBlogalaFundraisingSmelly Blog Events
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