• Perfume Shopping with Little Duckling & A Guessing Game
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Perfume Shopping with Little Duckling & A Guessing Game

A little while ago, I went perfume sniffing with Tamya and we went to The Bay – the only place in Vanouver where you can find Annick Goutal’s line. Now, Tamya is about the funniest person to go perfume shopping with. Although I know she can smell, she doesn’t really know how to do it, if you know what I mean… She usually blows on the object for sniffing (flower, scent stripe, perfume bottle, etc.) rather than inhale. I find it super funny and super cute, like everything she does really. And since this is her special month, I don’t mind flaunting it proudly on my blog…

So, on the circular table, there stand the entire Annick Goutal line. And Tamya is with me, doing pretty much what I do (spritzing cards and blowing her nose on them LOL). All of a sudden, I notice she is doing something she never done before in a perfume store: she opens one of those lovely Goutal crystal bottles, and she sprays some on her wrist!
Needless to say she smelled divine, the scent was gentle and pretty on her little wrists and I have to keep asking her for a sniff… The next time we went Goutal sniffing, she did the same thing, with the same fragrance. Mommy is tempted to get her a bottle, obviously.

Now, you get to guess the fragrance, and you will win a sample of the mystery perfume and a miniature 2ml bottle of Tamya parfum!
I am going to give you one hint though: it is NOT Songes. This scent haven’t made it to Canada yet. It could be anything else though…
For every comment or guess on this post, I will be donating $1 to Autism Community Training in BC.
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