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Sign The Petition! Save Perfume!

The following is a message from Tony Burfield of Cropwatch. I urge you to sign this petition, and contribute to a better chances that small perfume houses - namely those who use strictly natural essences - as well as the entire natural aromatics industry (farmers and distillers across the world) will remain sustainable.

At this cross-roads in the history of perfume-related legislation, it is of utmost importance that the consumers and the professionals in the field will be heard. It is your right to be able to choose which products you want to use. We are now facing the danger of eliminating materials (i.e. essential oils) that were used traditionally for many generations and caused no harm when used properly. These essences are beneficial to our health as well as our emotional well-being. Just imagine your life without your favourite perfume... Mitsouko, Miss Dior, No. 19 with no oakmoss (or very little)... Citrus colognes with no citrus... This is what IFRA is leading us to.

Here is the message from Tony himself, so you can get an idea of the urgency of the matter and why you MUST sign on the petition if you want to ensure the pleasure of natural aromatics in our lives for years to come, without needing miles of paperwork for every single drop.

"Hi all,

At last (!) we have a
petition up - protesting against the 40th IFRA amendment and its implications for all natural aromatics/essential oil users at

This isn't really just about Cropwatch, its about taking a stand against one of the prime movers (IFRA) in a regulatory process, which (intentionally or otherwise), is slowly phasing out the use of natural materials in favour of synthetics in cosmetics/fragrances. We can see a similar process going on - the phasing out of natural aromatic materials - in many other areas - biocides, over-the-counter medicines, household products etc. etc.

Please, please, please .... help us by signing this petition.

A good showing here in particular can help us enormously by proving that David (us) can triumph over Goliath (the Corporates). A bad showing means that we can be dismissed by the authorities as insignificant.

Please help us by spreading the word on this petition to as many groups and individuals as possible.



Did I mention the petition yet?
If you haven't signed yet, do it now!
Stand up to your Fragrant Rights for quality perfumes and the freedom of choice!
  • 40th AmendmentBoycott IFRAPetitionPolitics and Perfume
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