• The Building Blocks of Incense Revealed
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The Building Blocks of Incense Revealed

The Building Blocks of Incense Revealed

Disclaimer: All of the posts related to Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine are limited time offers and bonuses are likely not going to be relevant if you sign up at a much later date than this post was written. 

Incense is the Original Aromatic Medicine.. It's been around since before essential oils, even before perfumery.

It's the oldest aromatic practice for healing the emotions, psyche, physical body, and spirit.

Not to mention it's the most universal tool to accompany all things spiritual, and is present in nearly every sacred ritual on earth.

And of course, it's aromas are heavenly.. beautiful.. relaxing.. and the ultimate comfort. Incense is the universal modality for enriching and bringing about greater balance in life.

How would you like to harness the countless benefits of this timeless aromatic practice by learning to make your own incense at home?

Today my friend Evan, founder of The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, released his second complimentary training session in The Hand-Crafted Incense Workshop Series and he'd love to show you how you can make your own incense for healing, ritual, or fragrance.

Whether you're an at-home healer, aromatherapist, health practitioner, use incense in a spiritual practice, or you just love the heavenly fragrances of plants and resins...

...this complimentary series will help you learn all you need to know to make your own successful, effective, fully burning incense at home for yourself, your loved ones, or clients.

In his 2nd training session Evan will walk you through the Core Pillars of Incense Crafting one by one, explaining how they'll work together to strengthen an incense crafting practice. 



In this new session you'll learn:

  • What botanicals make the best foundation for a natural incense blend
  • How to properly use gums and binders to hold your incense cones and sticks together
  • What types of plant materials are most commonly used in incense and why
  • Why learning the art of incense is crucial for practicing aromatherapy holistically
  • How prayer, intentions, mantras, and sacred songs are traditionally infused into incense around the world 

After watching this next lesson you'll be well on your way to crafting amazing and effective incenses. 

You're gonna love this session! And don't forget to download the Building Block of Incense electronic workbook.
I'll see you in the workshop. 


P.s. In case you were wondering - in later videos I will be also presenting a mini-series of perfumery workshops in the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine.


  • Post author
    Ayala Sender
  • Evan SylliaasenIncenseIncense ConesIncense CourseNorthwest School of Aromatic MedicineOnline Course
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