Monkey Monday Winner (What Summer?)

Thank you to all who participated and shared their summer scents and sensations. It was so much fun reading your comments and my only hope is to have more dialogue on SmellyBlog (regardless of giveaways...). It's really nice to know that people are actually reading the content I put together for hours on end ;-)
Congratulations to melou, our Monkey Monday winner for this week's giveaway!
You will receive a copy of Ayala Moriel's Foundation of Natural Perfumery course handbook. And I might just have to throw in a sample of Treazon since I know how much of a tuberose lover you are!

Monkey Monday Winner (Perfume Player?)

Thanks to those of you who commented with your opinions on the verdict for my friend's faux-suitor. The lucky arrows are pointing at semiloner to receive the bottle of Pink Praline by Soivohle. Congratulations - and don't forget to email me your snail mail address!

As for the rest of the story: Based on my expert fragrance advice, my friend decided to scheme a little and for their next date, she sprayed her neck with the Angel sample he's given her, dabbed some Bvlgari Femme on her wrists, and rubbed her chest with l'Herbe Rouge (the most masculine scent I was able to come up with from my collection). He never showed up though to smell this olfactory dissonance, which only proves our theory that he's a player and has his hands stirring in a few pots simultaneously (a great skill for a chef to have, but not a virtue that you want to find in a lover...).

We're still happy to hear your ideas and takes on the subject of perfume infidelity, so please do keep them coming!

Monkey Monday Winner (Miss T's Choice)

Cheap & Chic

Miss T picked Moschino's Cheap & Chic, which comes in a ridiculously silly Olive Oyl sillouhetted bottle.
Her camp counsillor was wearing Banana Republic's Rosewood. She had no idea what the brand was, because the "BR" was the only logo on it... Note to self: wait till you are very very famous before you use only a logo on your perfume bottles. Noted. Twice.

Since no one really came close, I've decided to toss a coin between the two lurkers who added their comments last week. And the winner is: Bev Erly.
You won a Tamya mini, plus a purse spray of Fresh Index' Pomegranate Anise :-)
Email me your mailing address so that I can send your prizes!

Monkey Monday Winner (Smelly Commute)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Monkey Monday Smelly Commute contest of the week. You all did a great job guessing (Exotic Green Tea - how many cups of green tea did Elizabeth Arden have to brew before realized the tea bag run out of flavour?!), CK Summer (one among many CK flankers, that I cannot possibly keep track of), Hugo Woman and JOOP!

But the correct answer, which was Lindaloo's (also the first commenter - are you a mind reader?!), is Allure Sensuelle (2006) - the flanker to Allure (1996), a rather flat, linear and colourless floriental that they tried to make more raspy and throaty by marrying it with their accidental best-selling flanker Coco Mademoiselle (to Coco).

But two flankers do not a masterpiece make (or even a bestseller). Allure Sensuelle, I regret to say, was rather disappointing to me even though it had a lot of promise at the time. The patchouli and vanilla base sure were refreshing when fruity gourmand florals were still at their height (if they are ever going to not be, we'll all be better off). It had that rancid aquatic fruity top note (supposedly melon or lychee or both) that really works bad with patchouli and vetiver, but seems to be the mark of sophistication for perfume users who don't know any better (yet).

And now I will stop my rare anti-perfume rant and ask Lindaloo to send me your snail mail addy so I can send you a package of samples from the SF Sniff and 1st Artisan Fragrance Salon. I hope you will find something to your liking among these artisan perfumers' creations!

Thank you for helping me pack!

Thank you for your suggestions, comments and requests about what to bring for you to smell at the Artisan Fragrance Salon!
The winner of the random lucky draw (picked by Random.org) is Yash - who will receive a mini of ArbitRary the moment I hear back of your snail mail addy (well, it will arrive about a week or two after...).
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Artisan Fragrance Salon, where you can find out all the old favourites and new exciting fragrances I'm bringing with me :-)
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