Monkey Monday Winner (What Summer?)

Thank you to all who participated and shared their summer scents and sensations. It was so much fun reading your comments and my only hope is to have more dialogue on SmellyBlog (regardless of giveaways...). It's really nice to know that people are actually reading the content I put together for hours on end ;-)
Congratulations to melou, our Monkey Monday winner for this week's giveaway!
You will receive a copy of Ayala Moriel's Foundation of Natural Perfumery course handbook. And I might just have to throw in a sample of Treazon since I know how much of a tuberose lover you are!

Attention Eary Birds!

Sign up for Ayala Moriel's perfume courses early and save up to 65% off.
Early Bird rate good thru August 15th for both the Leathery & Tobacco Week (October 1-5, 2012), Floriental Week (May 13-17, 2013) and the correspondence course handbook. More details below:

Fall: Leather & Tobacco Week October 1-5, 2012
This week-long intensive course runs Mon-Fri from 9:00am-3:00pm, and offers theoretical and practical guidance alongside hands-on lab exercises and experiments. Friday is dedicated for feedback, summary and one-on-one sessions with Ayala for each participant. The Autumn session covers studying the raw materials, the history of the Leather and Tobacco perfume genre, as well as concepts such as perfume structure, how to blend an alcohol based perfume, how to write a formula, building leathery and tobacco accords, as well two representative formulas of each Leathery and Tobacco perfumes, both in an alcohol base.
Feature workshop: Scenting leather
The fee includes book, materials and supplies as well as tea and refreshments. Dates: October 1-5, 2012
Regular rate: $1,800
Early bird rate thru August 15th: $1,440
Registration Deadline for Fall Course: August 20th

Spring: Floriental Week May 13-17, 2013
This week-long intensive course is one of the 8-part Foundation of Natural Perfumery Course. It runs Mon-Fri from 9:30am-3:30pm, and offers theoretical and practical guidance alongside hands-on lab exercises and experiments. This course is dedicated to the Floriental (aka Floral Ambery) fragrance family, covering the raw materials the characterize this genre, learning about the structure of the Floriental fragrance family and the structure and typical raw materails and combinations that are characteristics of this family. Students will be introduced to composition concepts such as perfume structure, and equipped with basic technical skills such as how to blend an alcohol based perfume, how to write a formula, and acquire good working habits in a lab setting. In the practical workshops that take place each afternoon, students will be building accords and creating simple solid perfumes, as well as one representative perfume from the Floriental family.
Feature workshop: Solid Perfume Workshop
The fee includes book, materials and supplies.
Dates: May 13-17, 2013
Regular rate: $1,800
Early bird rate thru August 15th: $1,440
Registration deadline: March 1st, 2013

Please note: The course fees includes materials, books and equipment used during the week at the lab. Students who wish to continue their studies with the book's extensive array of hands-on and theroetical excercises, accompanied by raw materials they can purchase on their own from the recommended list of suppliers in the course handbook - and some oils and extracts are also sold here at the studio. Contact me if you need more details or have any questions at all about either of the programs!

Correspondence course handbook
Regular price - $1,000
Special price thru August 15th - $350

Ayala's Book

The Foundation of Natural Perfumery Course Handbook is now available for the wide public, not only my students attending the 2 year course. This second edition is an alternative to my now-discontinued correspondence course. This 110 paged book is filled with a wealth of information, including new chapters that were not in the first edition - such as Problem Solving and Troubleshooting, Formulas and Recipes, lists of materials, tools, supplies and suppliers, as well as many new exercises that will help you study the art and science of natural perfumery on your own pace.

*If you choose to sign up for the course in the future, this will be deducted from your tuition fees.
** Regular price $550, now on special until the end of September - for $475.
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