New Service: "Secret Admirer" Monthly Subscription Boxes

New Service:

Would you like to really know what's really going on in a perfumer's mind? This is as close as it can get!

Get a whiff of what's brewing at Ayala Moriel's studio each month, including some of the vintage, limited editions, discontinued and secret scents that haven't been released yet - that's why we call this service "Secret Admirer"!

Each month you'll receive an adorable tiny box set, which will include 1-2 unique scents and/or incense cones (the easiest method of burning incense anytime, anywhere) that get made here under the muse's spell, from seasonal and limited-availability and foraged raw materials. Each box is carefully curated for that very particular time of year, a mix of our from our less-known and most beloved fragrances, as well as some are one of a kind creations especially made for this occasion. It's a wonderful way to create scent-memories as the year progresses, something you can unbox the following year and reminisce over time and again. 

"Secret Admirer" Monthly Subscription Box is dedicated to perfume lovers and anyone who loves a fragrant surprise present in the mail and appreciate natural fragrance and incense! This is a new way to experience Ayala Moriel's creation, in a more intimate, imaginative and creative way.

$29.99/month, $239 for the annual subscription (save $125) 

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