Rose Garden Perfume

Taking a little breather from feverishly working on the last edits and additions to my book... And blog a little on some of the things I've been brewing (for the book, and just for fun).

I've enjoyed the rose garden strolls so much, that I wanted to create a perfume that captures the full-spectrum of rose garden's beauty. For a long time, I had a rose leaf concrete that I had no idea what to do with. It has high portion of floral waxes in it, so it looks like brittle yet creamy pieces of cocoa butter, only green in colour. Such texture would be frustrating to work into an alcoholic perfume, but perfect in Crème Parfum.

I wanted it to smell like leaves, flowers, rosehips, and a tiny bit of the moist fertile soil. It's very fruity but also leafy and fresh. Very rosy but does not feel too formal or ancient. It's probably the most realistic rose scent I've ever made, a little rustic and free spirited too.

Top notes: Szechuan Pepper, Lemon, Fresh Ginger
Heart notes: Rose Leaf Concrete, Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai, Rugosa Rose
Base notes: Sandalwood, Green Spikenard, Oakmoss, Angelica

The resulting perfume brings me much comfort during what seems like a terrible summer from hell in too many parts of the world, include Palestine and Israel. I would like to ask you all to dedicate a few moments a day to pray for peace in whichever way you see fit. Light a candle, chant, meditate, burn incense, fast. It's time we all put our honest and pure intent into bring an end to the violence in so many parts of the world. As one Palestinian girl said it: "We are all going to die, so let's live our lives in peace".

Wet Garden

Fragrance Garden by Ayala Moriel

It's been a wet day in Vancouver yesterday, but that didn't stop us from visiting the Fragrance Garden and White Garden at VanDussen and run a three-and-a-half hours course on the relationship between plants and perfume, the sense of smell, and a little bit about distillation process and perfume history.

Thank you for everyone who attended this class - it was so wonderful to have a diverse group of curious minds that are passionate about plants and aromatics. My next class at VanDussen will be dedicated to The Rose - aka the queen of perfume. It will take place June 22nd, 10:30-12:30pm, followed by VanDussen's annual rose show!

Join me then in the Rose Garden for two hours of exploring the subtle varieties of rose scents (and colours, sizes and shapes!). We will learn about the difference between European and Asian roses, distillation and extraction process of roses (plus photos from my trip to Grasse!), the main constituents of rose oil and absolute, and of course smell some classical rosy perfumes by some of the most renown perfumers in the world (i.e.: Sophie Grojsman, Jean-Paul Guerlain, Isabelle Doyen, Jean-Claude Elena, Christopher Sheldrake, Ralf Schweiger and more) who created timeless classics such as Nahema, Lipstick Rose, 100% Love, Bvlgari pour Femme - as well as from my own collection
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