New Packaging & 12th Anniversary Sale!!!

Dear Fragrant Friends,

Ayala Moriel Parfums is turning 12th this March, and to celebrate our "Bat Mitzvah", we designed new packaging!

We won't object to flowers and chocolate - but what would truly make us happy this March is if you place an order and help us transition into the new packaging :-)
Leave a comment wishing us happy 12th birthday - and we'll take 12% off your order!!!*

This offer is also effective for minis, Signature Perfumes and for our One Of A Kind perfumes!

Also - For the serious perfume nerds among you, there is 1 last spot remaining in the Floriental Week Natural Perfumery Course. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to study natural perfumery in Ayala Moriel's studio in the heart of beautiful Vancouver.

* Qualified orders will be refunded after the order went through checkout.
Valid thru March 31st, or while quantities last. Valid only for purchases of in-stock perfumes that are still in the old packaging (this is no catch, we have a lot of stock!!!). Can not be combined with other offers, and not extended to sample sizes, body products or candles.

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  1. New Packaging + 12th Anniversary Sale!
  2. 2nd Annual Artisan Fragrance Salon
  3. Media Clips
  4. Hanami + Spring Welcoming Tea Ceremony April 7th
  5. Bento Box Coffret
  6. Aromatic & Culinary Arts Workshop Series 
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Summer Sail!

Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver - full blast heat (28c/83F). Sooo - we're having our 1st ever "Summer Sail"!
It will run through August 19th at midnight. All orders with promo code "Sale Away!" in the comment box (this appears as a "note to seller" during the checkout) will qualify for 25% off for all full-sized perfume from all of the collections, and minis from the Liquid Poetry Collection, and is also valid for our OOAK Perfumes!!!

* While quantities last. Does not combine with other offers. Not valid for candles, body products, sample packages, Liquid Poetry samples, and minis from the regular collection.

2nd Annual Mother's Day Tea Party

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea
Another fragrant tea party has gone by... This time in honour of Mother's Day that's fast approaching (May 13th). Studio guests enjoyed 20% off this afternoon; and online shoppers will continue to receive 15% off their purchases thru May 15th with a coupon promo code - for more details subscribe to our newsletter!

Edlerflower Cordial

Getting ready for a tea party always starts at least a couple of days early... This cordial of fresh elderflowers was made the night before, as it requires an overnight steeping (some recipes even call for 48 hours!). I got these at the farmer's market, but you can find them in Stanley Park now - they should be around for a few more days (flowers usually have a rather short season).

Elderflowers smell peculiar: a combination of delicate and overpowering; repulsive and sweet. The closest way for me to describe them is that of guava fruit with hints of black currants - although far more subtle than either. You must try to make a cordial yourself to really enjoy it. The store bought ones that I've tried were not only unimpressive - but quite disappointing in that they tasted like preserved lemon juice.

Instead of making simple syrup infused with the flowers and preserved with citric acid (yuck!) I decided to enjoy these beautiful, fresh and delicate flowers fresh, and create a "iced tea" of sorts. I boiled 1.5L of water, poured over the elderflowers, and one wedged lemon (organically grown and unwaxed). I Added 1/2 cup of evaporated cane sugar and steeped it overnight. Chilled in the morning, and by the time the guests rolled in, there was a refreshing, fragrant drink awaiting them: I poured half a glass of the "cordial" and the topped it off with San Pellegrino and it was divine. No one even wanted to try the G & T's that was on the menu!

Classic Tea Sandwiches

The simplest classic tea sandwiches are always the best, in my opinion. This time around I served only two flavours: cucumber sandwiches, and egg salad recipe (which I season with mustard, freshly grated pepper, dill and chives).


Scones are almost always my favourite of the tea party tray. Especially if they are served warm and with clotted cream and quality preserved fruit. These scones are made with sheep's cheese and wild mountain thyme from my home village, which my lovely sister-in-law picked and sent me - especially from the Galilee in Israel!

The savoury thyme and cheese serve a refreshing contrast to the decadent rainforest harvested jam of blackberries and wild roses!


And last but not least - the sweets. Sometimes, you might not have the time, mood or energy to put together a full dessert tier. This was meant to be a laid-back gathering so I only invested in the hazelnut brownies (which I made with teff flour), which is very rich and satisfying all on its own - but added some dates and salted caramels for those who wanted a little extra something, which also slightly accommodated my unexpectedly vegan guests. Dried fruit are always a wonderful treat and are healthy in more ways than I care to describe here. Always good to have them around (or in your bag, in case you get stranded...)

Gift with Purchase on b-glowing.com

b-glowing.com is now offering a gift with purchase for limited time only (until July 10th):

Purchase any Ayala Moriel Perfume and receive a COMPLIMENTARY Perfumed Tea. "Perfumed Tea" is appreciated by tea connoisseurs because it is flavored only with actual plants rather than artificial or natural flavoring essences. It is perfect served either hot or cold as part of your daily Tea ritual. 1 oz. Retail value: $15.00

Coupon Code: ayala
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