Pondering A New Bottle

Testing Orcas perfume mod-V in the new 15ml spray size to see that there is no spillage, evaporation, etc. also during travels.

But I'm posting this because I'm curious to hear what my customers think of this new bottle - it's the same shape and style as my 4ml mini, and likewise - these bottles are made in Italy.
The difference is not only the size (15ml - the largest size so far), but also the method of application it will offer: it will be packaged as a splash bottle with the spray attachment on the side, so you can have both options, as you see fit.

The pricing for these will be the same as for the teardrop bottles - because this is basically half the concentration, and roughly double the amount of jus. i.e.: $90-$135 for 15ml EDP.

Edit/clarification: It's been my intention for quite sometime to offer a spray option, and SmellyBlog readers seemed to prefer the 15ml size in a poll we had here back in April. My question to you is how do you feel about this shape - rectangular, and very much the same design as my minis - as the spray option for a lighter concentration of some of my perfumes.

In short -
Yay or nay?

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Bath Salts Poll

Last Christmas I create a line of five pampering bath salts. Over a year later, they all seem to have been warmly received, except for the Lavender one (with vanille and licorice notes), so I will cease from producing it (there are still a few jars left, so you can still order them while quantities last).

Would you like to see another scent replacing the Lavender one? Or would you be satisfied with the four remaining scents - Hinoki, Geranium, Spruce or Yuzu?

Here is a poll for you with some ideas of scents that could possibly go well in bath salts preparation. Let me know your thoughts! Your opinions are valued and appreciated.

Tea Poll & Giveaway

Today I was playing around with tea blending, trying to figure out what the next tea should be like... And I thought to myself: why not ask you, and see what you are craving these days tea-wise.

My line has currently three teas: Immortelle l'Amour, which is rooibos-based; Roses et Chocolat, which is a black tea blend; and Charisma, which is based in green tea. Dawna & I created 5 teas in total, but we discontinued Tirzah, which was a sencha blended with linden blossoms and other flowers, lemon peel, spearmint and lemon balm; and Gaucho, which was a bold blend of yerbamate with lemongrass and red clover.

So, here is the poll for you to tell me what you are craving. And the giveaway for this week is a tin of the delicious Immortelle l'Amour tea!

Body Oil Poll

While I try to get better with bitter Chinese herbs, here's something for you to think about: since the highest votes in the last poll went for adding body oils to my product line, help me decide which scent would be the first in my body oil line (these will be semi-dry-oils, with a base of fast absorbing frationated coconut oil as the main component).

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