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Tea Poll & Giveaway

Today I was playing around with tea blending, trying to figure out what the next tea should be like... And I thought to myself: why not ask you, and see what you are craving these days tea-wise.

My line has currently three teas: Immortelle l'Amour, which is rooibos-based; Roses et Chocolat, which is a black tea blend; and Charisma, which is based in green tea. Dawna & I created 5 teas in total, but we discontinued Tirzah, which was a sencha blended with linden blossoms and other flowers, lemon peel, spearmint and lemon balm; and Gaucho, which was a bold blend of yerbamate with lemongrass and red clover.

So, here is the poll for you to tell me what you are craving. And the giveaway for this week is a tin of the delicious Immortelle l'Amour tea!

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