Stock Updates: 10ml Roll-Ons Phasing Out

For those of you who are smitten with a particular scent from my collection and prefer the oil formulation - now is the time to stock up with a 10ml roll-on. I'm phasing out this size and have only 19 bottles left. I'm making room for the new spray bottles, and will be only carrying the 5ml bottles from now on. What's online is all I have in stock (and also there are a handful of the last Zodiac Perfumes in 10ml on my Etsy shop).
Similarly, the extrait roll-ons that will be no longer offered - the last three bottles of Immortelle l'Amour, Gaucho and Roses et Chocolat that are online now are the last in stock.

Good News re Perfume Oils

Due to the growing demand for oil based perfumes, I have decided to offer as many as my perfumes as possible in this formulation. It may mean more work for me (not all of the essences readily dissolve in this medium), but it will be well worth it, as the results are always soft, rich and seductive.

Most of my perfumes are now available in the luxurious, highly-concentrated form of
perfume oils. These are rich and soft, wear close to the skin yet for a prolonged time. They are packaged in 10ml roll-on bottles, to be easily carried in your purse/pocket/suitcase without spillage and for easy touch-ups.

The only perfumes NOT offered as parfum oils are:
Immortelle l'Amour
Les Nuages de Joie Jaune

Also, until further notice, we are unable to offer parfum oils in the frosted glass flacons. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you informed as for any changes.

Last but not least, the same outrageous discounts for Perfume Wardrobes apply to the roll-on parfum oils, whenever you purchase 3 or more bottles you receive a 35% discount (that means that the third bottle costs you even less than $000.00!!!)
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